Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mid- summer hols!

We're at that mid point of the Summer holidays.

and finally we've had a little overdue sunshine.

Not all day, every day but snippets of blue sky, worthy of getting the sun lounger out for! Saying that, I think there is already a slightly autumnal feel in the air, a coolness behind the sun, trees already starting to turn and a need for a blanket in the evenings, whilst sat on the sofa.

We have been spoilt by some fabulous skies in the evening.....

Sam called to me to capture this beautiful sight. His room, at the front of the house, had turned orange, so he called for me to see - only lasted 10 minutes but was stunning.

Mid week I drove up to Gloucester Quays to catch up with old school friends. It was a grey old day but as we mostly sat, drank coffee, ate and caught up, so didn't really notice the weather.

Friends since the start of Secondary school!

Jeff treated me to a pair of new trainers. I feel I should be out doing some exercise and have missed the benefits of running, so am hoping these might get me out there again. It's been a year since I stopped, due to a back injury (from falling off a table!) and a hip pain that wouldn't go away. The man very kindly advised me as to which pair would best suit. These have extra support and as I have flat feet, were actually the only pair suitable for me - I'm hoping they'll lessen any hip niggles too. I've been out once, got a baseline time to improve upon, now to get out for a second run and start making it a habit again!!

I'm conscious that my 'enjoy summer' dieting model, possibly hasn't been the best approach for me and can feel the extra pounds creeping on. So rather than wait until September, I'm mindfully starting to be a little more focused again. We have been patiently waiting for things to grow and ripen in the garden and this morning I picked the first of the blackberries, with the apples not far behind. See another nudge to autumn right there. I feel we've been cheated out of a summer this year, unless we are to be treated to a lovely late edition, fingers crossed.


KC'sCourt! said...

That sky is stunning.

Julie xxxxxx

Mrs LH said...

I'm hoping for a late edition to the summer - Cornwall awaits us in September, so please let us have a bit of sun!

dots and spots said...

Fingers crossed Mrs x