Sunday 8 April 2018

Easter holidays done (for 2 at least)

How lovely has it been to have 2 days of sunshine, to wake up, come downstairs and for the sun to be streaming into the kitchen! It's the little things that make me happy.

Although we have also had our fair share of the rain too.
I've kept up with my pledge to 'walk every day in April', even in the rain!!

Walking miles around the shops in Bath with Sophie and.....

....around Cribbs in Bristol. 
I met up with an old Uni friend for lunch - she live in Cheltenham, so the perfect halfway point.

Had a day off on Friday, which meant a four day weekend really. Bath on Thursday, day at home Friday - taxi service in the evening for Sophie. Then Slimming World, food shop and wardrobe de-clutter on Saturday. Was actually pleasantly surprised by how many size 8 and 10's still comfortably fit and now only 7lbs away from being back in target!! 

Both Sophie and Sam have been busy revising all holiday, although Sam has been under the weather since Thursday, on the mend now but you realise how quickly time is ticking away now before the exams. Less than 2 weeks and his French Speaking will be done! He hates French, we pay for a tutor, she's brilliant but we're still all crossing everything, to just get a pass. So much time has had to be spent on something he hates and don't we know it!

So good to get the washing out on the line, not quite warm enough to sit out yet, the wind has been on the chill side but there is hope now for warmer, sunnier days ahead.

On Friday I was taxi service to Sophie, a pub in Godney, the middle of nowhere! Benefit of being out at that time in the evening, capturing this fabulous sunset. Can't believe the holidays are now over for Sophie and Sam, Jeff still has another 2 weeks, as he broke up a week later and gets an extra week to make up for having to work Saturdays. I'm working as normal but he can do a few of the normal chores I do, like the washing, odd school pick up etc, so it'll be like a mini holiday for me too.

Have a great week.

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