Saturday, 14 April 2018

Mid April, still waiting for sunshine!

Mid April and 'finally' we have been forecast some decent weather - first sign of sunshine and it's out to the bottom corner of the garden to soak up the sunshine. Jeff's still on holiday and has next week off too, so hoping to get garden jobs ticked off the 'to do' list!

I've spent the last few days slightly under the weather - nothing specific, just feeling 'odd'. Back ache, slightly nauseous, exhausted and as a result have slept for hours and hours. Thankfully feel a bit like my normal self today, good job as I've a 6hr shift tomorrow, then 8hrs on Monday.

Just about managed to still get a daily walk in, I set myself the challenge to walk every day in April, regardless of the weather, just 15/20 minutes around the block, at a pace fast enough to get your heart rate up - so far, so good!

Really want to get out in the garden now, so really hoping the forecast for good weather is correct. My rhubarb has finally made an appearance, I thought I'd lost it and as I couldn't pick it last year (first year growing) I'm looking forward to harvesting some over the coming months. Want to grow peas, beans and courgettes again and we're debating about pumpkins this year. Sweet peas and sunflowers are on the list too, just need to work out where to grow them.

Fingers crossed we all get some much needed sunshine this week, have a good one x

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