Sunday, 20 May 2018

May...'re really spoiling us! 

It's been a beautiful week weather wise and more to come if the forecast is to be believed!

It's been a slightly stressful week, with GCSE's in full flow now and a reluctant reviser!! He's a bright boy, so I'm feeling frustrated, as I know he has such potential. If he spent the amount of time he does making up excuses not to revise and actually spent that time doing it, he'd be flying!!

In other news, we had a Royal wedding to celebrate. I put up the bunting and flags in the kitchen window, much to everyone else's embarrassment and 'oh mother!!'

It was a beautiful, happy occasion and I wish them every happiness together.

I saw this picture on FaceBook today 

Be. In. The. Moment.

I am as guilty as everyone in this picture, always taking photos to capture the moment, to create pictures of memories but Being. In. The. Moment......... something to remember.

My Mum and Dad popped in this afternoon, on their way up from Cornwall, left the bunting up in their honour! Was nice to see them, have a catch up, take a picture!! to remember!! See, I do it all the time, as I know I'll enjoy looking back and seeing this photo. 

The garden is looking good, the allium's and hosta's are looking fabulous.

My peonies came out all big and blousy and smell beautiful.

But the alliums, by far, have been stunning. We planted 50 bulbs and have 50 flowers, all along the back corner wall. Behind them we've planted sweet peas, so hopefully they'll follow on with a wall of colour and scent. The garden is feeling more like ours now, hard to believe we'll have been here 3 years in July. As I often say, where has that time gone but then I have this blog, full of pictures and memories to look back on.

Have a good week x

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Debdor said...

Us Mums are so embarrassing aren't we! I was glued to the tv on Saturday - I kept on thinking of that little boy walking behind his Mothers coffin all those years ago. Such a beautiful day, lets hope the euphoria lasts...