Saturday, 12 May 2018

The time has come....

....exams start on Monday!!!

Where, oh where, have the years gone? This photo was taken on the morning of Sophie's first day at school, Sam had just turned 2 the beginning of August. On Monday he starts his GCSE exams and Sophie begins her A Levels mid week. I hope they have done enough work, I hope the exams are fair, I hope Sophie can control her nerves. It's out of my hands now, I've encouraged, cajoled, got cross and frustrated by Sam's approach to exams and revision, but there is now nothing more I can do, than try and keep things on an even keel for the next 6 weeks, be there to listen and cheer them on and silently cross everything and will them along, hoping that it all goes their way.

The allium's have come on a treat - need to add some grasses next year, so they have more support and context. We've planted sweet peas behind, hoping for a wall of colour and scent this summer. 

Not too much has happened this week, week 1 on work rotation, so worked Monday to Thursday, normal yoga session on Wednesday evening, which did throw up an area to work on. I'm very conscious of my back and posture, years bending over 4 and 5 year olds, years picking and packing orders, years carrying too much weight and carrying around a bigger bust. We did an exercise with our hands behind our backs, which pushes out the chest and strengthens the back - it felt so good, so I'm doing the exercise every day. Our instructor also suggested getting a block to lie on for 20 minutes every day, again it pushes out the chest and straightens the back, both are worth a go and hopefully as a result, my posture will visibly improve.

Leaving you with this image - beautiful peonies back in season, love them.

I'm working tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday - have Friday off, so a 4 day weekend to look forward to. Hope the forecast stays as it is - plenty of sunshine if it does!

Have a good week x

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