Sunday, 25 November 2018

Deacon Blue

....30 years on!

Back in the October of 1989 I saw Deacon Blue play at Leeds Student Union, whilst visiting my sister who was studying there. Last night in Portsmouth, 30 years on..... 

.....Jeff and I went to see them at the Guildhall.

And they were brilliant!

Ricky and

Lorraine, fab vocals.

I will say the audience was an eclectic bunch, although I guess, I'm inching ever closer to 50! 

but the music was still so good!

Favourites had to be Chocolate Girl, Wages Day, Real Gone Kid, Dignity, Fergus, Swaying Arms, The Hipsters.... well I could just keep listing. A fab night, great company, just a late night with work the next day to face - there, proof I'm getting old!!

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