Sunday, 18 November 2018

Girls Day Out

So yesterday - 6:00am alarm, quick drive to Castle Cary, then caught the 7:34 to London Paddington - picked up a most welcome addition in Reading, with coffee!!! Ready for a day out together in London, might have to become an annual event x

Breakfast was on Sophie, my birthday pressie treat, 
so why not start off the day with coffee and doughnuts!!

We wandered down Carnaby Street to Liberty's but we were so early, it wasn't even open... we headed over to Covent Garden before it got too busy.

Was fab to spend time with my girl and have a good old catch up. We had no plans for the day, other than to mooch, chat, eat, chat some more. I really do miss her but know she is so happy and settled at Uni. She has made good friends both in her flat and on her course, so I have nothing to worry about...

.....just make the most of the opportunities that we get to spend time together.

We headed to Spitalfields for lunch and a wander around the market.... 

..... then headed to the river (Walkie Talkie Building, home of the Sky Garden) the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
We walked across the bridge to the South Bank and walked... the Shard, where we caught the tube back up to ....

...Oxford Street to see the lights.
It was super busy, too busy really but oh so festive.

We went into Selfridge's and John Lewis to look at their Christmas departments but it really was too hot and busy to really enjoy it. So we headed back out onto .....

.... Regent Street to see the Christmas angels.

Absolutely spectacular.

We then wandered back to Liberty (now it was open!!) 

Back along Carnaby Street, which was packed....

then tubed it back to Paddington, where we sat, chatted some more, grabbed a coffee...

...before getting the train back home.
Sophie got off at Reading and was safely back in her flat, as I made my way back to Somerset. 
A truly lovely day spent with my gorgeous girl.

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