Friday 31 January 2020

Farewell January and the EU!

Today is a sad day, today we leave the EU!

I never wanted to leave, I believe we were better staying in the EU but I guess now, 
I wait to be proved wrong, to see all this extra money and all the benefits that we've been promised, that will make Britain better on it's own!!!!

One thing I believe will now be better, is Sam and Physics! Not EU related at all but after a disastrous mock and equally awful result, I've been on the hunt for a Physics tutor. I'm not completely laying the blame at the school but one teacher in particular is shockingly bad. So rather than bury our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away, I've found someone to help Sam on a weekly basis in the run up to his exams. It's not cheap, in fact I have to work 4hrs + just to pay for it but if I can facilitate the opportunity to rebuild his confidence in the subject, ignite a little self belief, just help get him back on track, the it'll be worth every penny.

So it's farewell to the EU and farewell to the month of January, which has whizzed on by. It's not been a terrible month, a little grey, damp and miserable on more days than I would have liked but we have had the odd cold, crisp, blue sky day to fill us with hope that better weather is on it's way. As always my house is filled with flowers and I'm forever looking for signs of Spring when out and about. Looking back I've done very little this month, other than take Sophie back to Uni and visit my Granny in Cornwall. Once the weather improves and the days become lighter, which they are already becoming noticeably lighter in an evening, then I'm sure my diary will be busier and filled with plenty of things to look forward to.

I always think of January as a month to just get through. I try not to spend too much, eat too much (all the carbs) I just try and keep things steady and will it on it's way x

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