Saturday, 1 February 2020


Pinch and a punch.....

....hello February!

So happy to see you, the shortest month, although this year it's a Leap Year, so we get to enjoy an extra day of you. You've started off well, with the sun shining.....

.....and I weighed in with a 3lbs loss for the month of January. 
Would've like more but I find January such a hard month to get through. I'm only weighing in monthly now, taking the pressure off weekly weigh-ins, as I no longer go to Slimming World. Hoping this approach will work, will happily return to SW if I feel I need the accountability with weighing in with someone else. My aim is to slowly chip away, there is no miracle once you get to target, in fact staying there is the hardest bit, so slow and steady is fine, as long as I'm in the mid 9's by mid May for Florence I'll be happy.

I continue to see the positives, always looking for signs of Spring pushing through.

And I was surprised to find we have a new occupant at Number 79! This frog has taken up residency in the flower pot, out the front, under Jeff's study window. Just goes to show how much rain we've had, that its been constantly full of water to allow a frog to make it's home there!!

Anyway a new week ahead, a new month to get stuck in to. Two weeks left before it's half term for the boys and reading week for Sophie. I'm looking forward to her coming home for a few days and having a few days out. Then shockingly it'll be just a week before we say Hello to March!!! 
Blink and February will have been and gone x

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