Saturday, 24 April 2021

Back to normality!?!

This week has felt a little more normal. We've had beautiful blue skies but a chill wind, okay if you can find a sheltered spot to sit out. I've ventured out more this week, a trip to Shepton to get my hair coloured, two trips to Wells and this morning, Sophie and I ventured over to Yeovil. I've done my yoga and Di our hairdresser, FINALLY cut our hair! I think with any of these things, get there early before it gets too busy and leave just as it starts.

I've been patiently waiting to go to the Bishop's Palace in Wells. I was going to buy myself a membership back in November, as a birthday treat but we then went into Lockdown. Good job I waited but then, the other day on Facebook, I saw the most beautiful picture of.....

a tulip display in the Quiet garden.

It was stunning, beautiful, simply breathtaking 
as you turned the corner and entered that part of the garden.

The rest of the gardens were lovely too and for just £15 I can come and go and visit as often as I like over the course of the year. I used to go when we lived in Wells and the children were small but it will be lovely to go, once a month at the very least, similar to The Newt.

Then on Friday Sam and I ventured over to Wells again, on a mission of mine to find a Bluebell Wood. Sam knew of a place from walks with friends, so we parked up and went hunting.

It did not disappoint.
Photo's don't do the scene justice, a beautiful carpet of blue across the wood floor.

But the big thing this week has been sorting out my mop!!
I got it coloured on Wednesday, then last night (Friday) Di came over and cut our hair. I honestly don't think it's been this long. Four months is a long time when you normally get it cut every four weeks, even with Jeff's two under shave cuts!!

So much better. 
I can finally be seen out in public again!
I hope we don't have to go into lockdown again, not sure I could face my hair again!!

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