Saturday, 1 May 2021


Pinch and a punch....hello May!

April has been a good month, 
a tad on the chilly side but certainly drier than previous Aprils.

We have barely any allium's coming up, half a dozen maybe....

....compared to this fabulous display this time last year, it's disappointing!!

The apple blossom is beginning to flower.

And Jeff planted out my sunflower seeds.....

...which are coming up a treat!

I worked Sunday and Monday, am carrying my Tuesday hours over into next week, so I've had an extra day and on Thursday, I went for a walk with a newly retired work colleague. Lucky her, she's wanted to join me on one of my lockdown walks. Like me she's lived here all these years and never ventured on these local walks, so it was a treat to have some company.

And we saw an owl!! Must be feeding it's young, to be out hunting in the day.

On Friday I headed back over to the Dundon Beacon. I walked it back in November but it was super muddy and I promised myself I'd go back in the Spring and I'm glad I did....

...because the bluebells were beautiful and....

and there were loads of cowslips out.

I enjoyed the best of the weather, as it poured with rain in the afternoon.
This poor old robin looked a little soggy .

So this morning, my last free day until Thursday, I decided to go back to where I saw the owl, just in case it was out again! And it was, for all of a few minutes frustratingly. I hung around for about 20 minutes in case it came back but no sign! 

I did however, manage to capture these deer bounding across the field.

So a lovely few days out and about.
I'm not sure if I'm ready to venture to Bath, Bristol or Exeter yet. As the weathers been good, it's been nice to just get out and walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Maybe once I've lost a few more of the lockdown pounds, I'll venture to the shops.

I mean, I live in such a beautiful part of the world, 
would be silly not to make the best of it xx

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