Wednesday 30 June 2021

Always look for the positives x

 I thought I'd come on here and give a little update. 
Since our disappointment on Friday about our trip to Corfu looking in doubt, TUI removing the flight from sale but insisting it was still going ahead, they cancelled on Monday! Given how disappointed we were, we looked at alternatives and have actually booked with easyJet, flights £300 cheaper and for 3 extra days. Now I'm not going to get too excited, this may still get cancelled but this morning's flight to Corfu departed and a flight from Corfu has just landed at Bristol Airport. Our accommodation either side of our dates can accommodate us, so fingers crossed it might still happen. Although I'm keeping quiet about it, other than on here, don't want to get my hopes up.

So today I treated myself to a shopping trip to Bath all on my own, to buy a few bits just in case our trip does go ahead. I had a lovely relaxed morning, coffee in the sunshine, mooch around the shops but frustratingly a number of changing rooms are still closed. Anyway whilst there I got a phone call from Sophie, screaming down the phone.....

.....she only went and got the job!!!

For the past month life here has been pretty stressful, whilst Sophie revised and prepared herself to interview for a position at her Placement Year Post, once she finishes her degree. She had a round of timed short answer questions, that got her through to the next stage, which  then involved writing a report, giving a presentation and then an interview with top Economists at the ONS. Anyway today she found out she's been offered a position there after her degree and she couldn't be happier. And I couldn't be prouder. She works hard, most certainly hasn't had the year she'd hoped for this year, having to work from home but she'll now hopefully get to experience life in Cardiff from September 2022!!! So after my gloomy post the other day, things may be a little brighter xx 


kestrel said...

I hope your trip to Corfu gets going well so you can have a good holiday. This pandemic has wreck many travel plans and I hope with vaccinations, things will settle soon. But you did have a good morning with coffee, ice cream after the disappointing news. Good on you. Following your posts from Malaysia.

dots and spots said...

@kestrel thank you. what will be, will be!!! Fingers crossed it happens but if not, I live in a beautiful place and will easily fill my time xx