Sunday, 17 October 2021

A week of two halves!

My weeks are really split into two halves, work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday morning, then off the Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

As soon as I finished work on Wednesday, did a quick food shop then went for a walk in the woods, to clear the air and breathe in the calm and stillness.

Then Thursday is my 'walk with Lynn day'. I decided to treat her as my guest to a morning at The Newt. I'm trying to get the most out of my membership, as it's gone up from £17 to £48 and I'm not sure I'll renew it, maybe get National Trust membership instead. It is lovely there but I'm not sure it's worth the increased fee but I can take in a guest for £15. The apple display as you entered was beautiful, all lined up to welcome you in.

Although I would miss the apple and cinnamon buns! 

We saw the deer, it's rutting season at the moment and the vast majority were out in a field but boy, can the stag make a noise!! You can read more here on their Facebook page It felt like Jurassic Park as we closed the great, heavy metal gates behind us, this deep roar coming up from the distant fields!

The grounds as usual are beautifully maintained....

...and the seasonal changes on full display.
We were sooooo lucky with the weather, a beautiful blue sky, full sunshiny autumnal day.

I spotted a few of my favourite fungi finds too. 
I will have to go back again soon, maybe when Sophie is home early November,
 it's only 20 minutes up the road but it's sometimes tricky to find the time.

So then on Friday I got the train to Reading for the day to see Sophie. It's always so lovely and reassuring to meet up, see her happy, hear her news and spend a few hours together and it's so easy on the train. We've put a London date in our diaries, trying to squeeze a visit in before Christmas.

And then today (Saturday) the boy has come home for a visit! 
He was in Bristol visiting friends on Friday night, spent the day with them, then caught the bus home. So am spoiling him with a roast (Jeff's happy) ......

......and made brownies for pudding and for him to take back with him. 

It's been lovely to check in with them both. 
Both seem happy which is the main thing x


Unknown said...

Oh yes you must get a National Trust membership, we've been members for over 20 years it was so good when the kids were small and now can just pop anywhere for a walk and cafe treat! x
Ali (Homebird Makes)

dots and spots said...

I must!! Will use my birthday money(if I get any!!) and will get it done xx