Saturday, 9 October 2021

"You get about a bit!!"

It's been a busy old week!
Worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then headed straight down to Cornwall once I'd finished work, to stay with Mum and Dad. Our main mission.......

....was to empty Granny's loft!

There was more up there than Dad had hoped for but in amongst the bagged up duvets (and there were lots of duvets!!) we did find Papa's war photo's and a tin of war papers, something Dad hadn't seen before. I also came across the old Rupert Annuals, we so loved as children and Dad found a couple of boxes of his old Ordnance Survey work stuff. We did a tip run, then...... 

.....took my mum out for lunch to celebrate her 75th birthday xx

Mum sat in the car and Dad and I walked the cliff top at Godrevy, rare quality time, just me and dad. I always like to at least see the sea and breathe in the sea air when I'm down.

There were lots of seals in the bay.

Then back home and on the Thursday and Bristol bound.....

...a night out with my sister.

Early birthday celebrations at the wonderful Greek restaurant...

...and tickets to see Eddi Reader, a throw back to the late 80's.

I took myself off to the woods on Friday morning, my Happy Place!!

Found my first Fly Agaric of the season, although it was tiny!

Spotted a few varieties but had to really look. Doesn't seem to be the same abundance as last year or maybe I'm a week or two early!!

Still enough to photograph xx

Then this morning I took myself up for a walk along Walton Hill and Ivythorn Woods. 
A beautiful, unexpected, warm, sun filled day.

Came home and had my lunch out in the garden...

...even got the sunlounger out and had a little snooze!!
Another busy week ahead, in fact the diary is full until mid November!! 
So much for having more time on my hands when the kids went to Uni!?!


Anonymous said...

So lovely, the little bird, beautiful picture


Anonymous said...

... and the seals, wow, never seen so many in one place! Very impressive!

Mimi again ;)