Thursday, 30 December 2021


And in a blink of an eye Christmas has been and gone!
But it was lovely xx

Kitchen - Christmas ready!!

Sitting Room - Christmas ready!!

I work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday's but this year we were given Boxing Day off, a day I was down to work, so I was very lucky this year and had the 3 Christmas days off, although that did mean it was straight back in after Boxing Day for a 3 day slog!!

Sam worked Christmas Eve, so once he got home Christmas could really begin!

It's become a tradition that we have this delicious sausage roll wreath on Christmas Eve....

....and then Sophie and I spend the evening on the sofa, 
with a Bailey's watching Miracle on 34th Street.

Christmas Day morning and another new tradition, waiting for Sam to get up so that we can all have breakfast together. Gone are the 6am wake ups, he had to be prodded and cajoled to be up for 9am!!

Once up and awake!! Two very different things!! Christmas Day could begin. 

And he was showered and dressed for lunch!

And as always, I cooked for triple the amount needed!!

Sophie x

Jeff x

Me and Sam x

We all spent the evening together, a rarity these days and watched Bohemian Rhapsody. What an excellent film and something we could all enjoy. We did then watch footage of his actual Live Aid performance, such a great correlation to the film

Boxing day afternoon was dry! and Jeff and I got out for a walk....

...up to the top of Wearyall Hill...

...and down along the River Brue.

A stunning sky.

The walk was just what we needed, a blast of fresh air. 
It was back to work for me on the Monday and it was sooooooo busy! 
I then also worked the Tuesday and Wednesday but am now off until 2022!

Got all my family here for lunch today, so best get prepping!!

Merry Christmas x

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