Saturday, 13 August 2022

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday I worked, probably the only time I'm happy to work in a freezing cold, air-conditioned supermarket, when it's over 30 degrees outside!!!

We are currently basking in the heat of a mini heatwave, wall to wall blue skies and sunshine but boy is it hot!!! The sunflowers seem to be enjoying it, getting taller by the day. Jeff and Sophie have become the King and Queen of attempting to keep the house cool and all of us are seeking the shade, moving around the garden and house, occupying corners deemed the coolest!!

My poor fig tree isn't fairing brilliantly. To be fair it didn't get off to a great start, all the new growth was late to leaf, no fruit and still the leaves are small compared to last year ( pic on the left, last year) 

I have had fruit on the lower branches but hardly any leaf and no where near the amount I was gifted last year. Maybe they fruit better alternate years, like the apple tree!?!

Wednesday was disappointing, we have a Hot Air Balloon trip waiting in the wings. Our first attempt last week, was cancelled due to gusty winds but we felt sure it would happen this time given the weather conditions. You have to ring a number at 11pm to get further instructions for the following day but it was cancelled again, a technical issue with the balloon this time. We've booked in another attempt for a few weeks time, first available slot but if it doesn't happen this time, we'll of lost our chance to do it this year, due to Jeff being back at school.

Thursday was hot, my friend Lynn and I have membership for the National Trust, so we decided to head over to Monacute House, arriving at opening time, in attempt to walk before it got too hot! I'll be honest there wasn't much there and we were done pretty quickly, so enjoyed a coffee then came home!

Most of my time has been spent in shady corners of the garden reading! Finally I have finished two books, one of which I started last summer!!! I usually feel guilty spending time reading and once I start a book, I like to finish it, so read a book in two days rather than a chapter a day and take two weeks!!

Food has been a challenge in this heat. I'd happily pick, not eat anything proper but everyone else's expectations are full on proper meals. I'm trying to get away with as little cooking as possible but as I'm the only real salad fan, the oven has had to go more than I'd like. We have been eating outside, keeping the Greek feels alive......

....with a Mythos!!!

Last night Jeff and I headed up to the Poldens. I'm conscious in this heat, I'm being very sedentary and needed to walk! So we thought it might be cool enough to go see the sunset. It was actually quite pleasant with a slight breeze out on the top.

and we we're gifted with this stunning display.


Hard to believe it's mid August already. It feels the summer holiday is slipping away far too quickly and in the back on my mind, Jeff will be returning to school and that'll be summer over for another year! Realistically we still have two and half weeks, before INSET and meetings but two exam results day feature in those two weeks and once you start thinking about school, your head takes over and you're back in work mode! With me still having to work and Jeff committing himself to a few refereeing slots, we don't ever have time to do anything proper. 

Sophie still hasn't heard anything concrete back about her job, so is in limbo and it'll all be a mad rush I can see, once Jeff is due back to work, getting her settled into a flat etc. Sam still hasn't had confirmation about his course change, although the course is currently available in clearing. He has a house sorted, which we're currently paying rent for but is still at home until mid September!! So I'm going to try and make the most of the free days we have left (once it cools down) We still have to try and squeeze in a day trip to Cornwall to visit my parents but not on a Friday or Saturday, steer clear of the holiday traffic!! Does't leave too many free days, might end up just being me in September, once everyone returns to work/study!! Anyway, I'm off to find a shady corner to sit in, it's back to work tomorrow and then rain and cooler temperatures are forecast for next week! Must make the most of the sunshine whilst it's here xx

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