Saturday, 17 September 2022

A busy, busy, busy week!!

WOW ! What a busy old week.
Worked Sunday and Monday and celebrated 5 years at Sainsbury's. 
Was supposed to stay 6 months, decide what I was going to do and just like that, we're 5 years on!

Up early on Tuesday, was gifted this beautiful sunrise....

....ready for removals at 8:00am....

....and within 20 minutes we were all packed up and ready to go!

I must say, the 3 removal men were fabulous, worth every penny. 
What would have taken Sophie and I all day, was done and dusted withing 20 minutes. 
51 stairs with each load.......

.....and she was in!!!

We worked through the day unpacking, went to Ikea for a few bits and tea!! Spent the night on a mattress on the floor, exhausted!! Then on Wednesday we received the Ikea delivery, Sainsbury's food delivery and got the all important WiFi connection!! So the rest of the day was spent in Ikea flat pack hell!!

But we got the bed frame put together...

....and the sofa which came in four parts!

And then there was the kitchen table, coffee table, desk, TV unit...

Sam arrived on Thursday to collect his bike, I left them to it, about to head off and do a food shop
 and I drove the Corsa home!

Where I then collapsed on the sofa, absolutely exhausted!!

I spent Friday washing! Stripped all there beds and did five loads of washing!
Very satisfying! I'm wanting to give the house a really good clean, going to tackle a room a day once I get a few free days together. Yesterday I was getting my hair coloured and cut and today (Saturday) I've done more washing, been and done a food shop and am off out later to meet up with my sister in Bath, for food and an evening with Davina McCall, discussing all things Menopause!!

I'm working on Sunday, now have Monday off for the Queen's funeral, then back in on Tuesday for plinth change and overtime on Wednesday to cover holiday. Am meeting a friend on Thursday evening, for a long overdue catch up and am hoping to squeeze in a walk in the woods with my camera if I can find the time. Jeff has an Exeat weekend, finishing school Friday lunchtime and enjoying a rare Saturday off. So we're heading up to.....

....Cardiff to check in on the pair of them. 
Take up anything that's been forgotten and bring back anything that's not wanted.
And leave them to it!!
Of course they know they can come home at any time and I can pop up easily but after a summer at home, it's now time for them to get on with it all. Sophie should be starting work on Monday officially but due to the Queen's funeral, her first day will now be Tuesday. Sam still has another week to go but his house mates are drifting up this week and he has to get his course change sorted, so he can have a relaxed week getting himself organised. They're in Ikea together this morning, Sam needed a desk chair and I'm glad they've got each other should they need it. The're about an hours walk away, 20 mins on Sam's bike and about the same in Sophie's car. Near enough if they need something but far enough away to not be in each others space! I for one am happy they're both up in Cardiff, makes it so much easier for me to see them both at the same time x

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