Saturday, 11 March 2023

Bit of a nothing week!!

A bit of a 'nothing' week! 

Woke up to a dusting of snow on Wednesday morning.

It fell on and off throughout the day but came to nothing!

The weather this week on the whole, has been grey, damp, cold and miserable!
You have had to search hard for any positives.

I made myself go out on Thursday, just once around the block....

....had to make the most of a dry patch!

As you can see Spring is trying to make an appearance....

....but it really does now need to warm up a little.

The daffodils are the only glimmer of sunshine at the moment x

The Magnolia is in full bud. Hoping we don't get a frost or a lot of wind once it flowers. 
It's so short lived as it is. This time two years ago, it was in full flower by now.

Friday morning has been the highlight of my week so far. 
Coffee, pancakes and a long overdue catch up with a friend. 
Two hours non stop chat, menopause symptom comparison and generally making each other feel better.

Then in the evening easyJet announced their cheap December to March flights were out, so we booked up for December. Malaga again, as it was so nice and easy last year but we plan to take the train up to Cordoba for a few days and have just the one day in actual Malaga. It was a much needed break last year and I think will become an annual trip, before the madness of Christmas begins.

Just taking stock on what we have got booked for this year. Just 4 and half weeks until Jeff and I head off to Rhodes, leaving Sam behind to look after the house!! Then we have a family holiday booked for July, as we cancelled our last family holiday back in 2020 due to Covid and everyone was up for a holiday together (I can't think why!!! the bank of mum and dad!!) I've offered our house to my Mum and Dad, give them a break and a chance to get away. Sophie and I are off to Amsterdam for a few days, once Jeff starts back after the Summer and Sam is back at uni, going halves now she's working. Then in October, I finally get to go to Barcelona, originally booked for my 50th in 2020. I wanted to go when everything was back to normal - busy, no masks etc, so I hope it'll be worth the wait. We've added on a couple of days and actually fly back from Girona, as we really liked it when we went in 2019. And then finally, Malaga! So Jeff gets 3 trips to Spain to practice his Spanish!!

The forecast isn't great for the week ahead. Sam is supposedly coming home tonight, back to Cardiff on Monday. He was out with friends in Bristol, so it will be nice to see him. Jeff is out, at his Year formal tonight. I'm working Sunday and Monday this week, have booked myself in with a Chiropractor on Tuesday, as my back pain hasn't improved after 5 physio sessions. Think it's time for another opinion and honestly, I will try anything to see/feel any improvement. I do think this is down to a fall I had back in 2016 but every time I do something small now, the pain increases and stubbornly remains. I blame nearly everything else on the menopause and this may be connected in some way but I can't continue the way I am indefinitely!! I feel I try and do everything to remain fit and able. I work hard and walk and do yoga (as best I can!!) This getting old malarkey is no fun!!

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