Saturday, 10 June 2023

First week of freedom!!

And what a week!!!

I did my final shift on Monday, finishing at 10pm!!

Then off up to Cardiff early on the Tuesday.
Dropped Sam back at his house, then met up with Sophie.

Off out for a drink before the main event.....


We saw them at Wembley last year for the very first time. It was a bucket list experience for me. I've always wanted to see them live, so when we heard they were going to play at Cardiff, I had to go again. 

We were up in the God's but that didn't matter. 
We sang our hearts out.

And then Sophie decided we would walk the four miles home!!!
We did it but not to be repeated!!

I obviously stayed at Sophie's. We popped into town for a few hours the next morning, bit of holiday shopping and lunch. Then spent the afternoon sat out on her 'sun trap' of a balcony, before heading back into town for the evening. She lives in a great spot, right next to a train stop that takes you directly into the center of Cardiff in just 10 minutes, so handy!

So Wednesday nights entertainment was Disney100.

Celebrating 100 years of  Disney with film clips, a live orchestra and singers! It was a great night, although slightly spoilt by the continuous flow of people getting up to get drinks or go to the toilet!! There was no need, there was an interval!! So rude! 
We were sensible this time. We dropped the car off in the morning when we came in for shopping and as the show finished before the second night of Coldplay performing, it was a hassle free drive home. Will do that in a couple of weeks time for Harry Styles too, even if we have to sit in traffic, better than walking 4 miles after a 2 hour concert!! Certainly felt my 50+ years!!

Thursday, and Sophie had to work! So Sam came over to meet me.....

....and I treated him to breakfast at this fabulous cafe near to Sophie's, Snails Deli.

Really friendly place, delicious food and great coffee.
Will go back when visiting next x

Any way we walked back to my car, went our separate ways. 
I headed home and he went back to his to pack, he's off to Montenegro with friends for a week.

Back home and the garden is loving this warm sunshine....

...and the slow worms, 
soaking in the warm sunshine, as I hung out the washing!!

I spent Friday shopping, cleaning, going to appointments. I had my 13th chiropractor session, all good, one more before our holidays, then leaving it a month to see how things are. I also had a check in with the doctor to discuss my HRT! Changing things again, as I've had some unwanted bleeding, Fingers crossed this settles things down, otherwise it's an ultra-scan to rule anything nasty out! On the whole I'm feeling so much better. My back and general aches and pains have improved greatly. I've lost just shy of a stone and a half since Easter and our return from Greece. I'm hoping my stress levels will be far less now I've finished work. I'm making a real effort to get out and walk when I can (not a 4 mile walk back from a concert!!!!) and just have more time for myself for a little self care xx

Livin the dream x

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