Sunday, 4 June 2023

What a week....

The most GLORIOUS weather all week long!!

Pinch and a punch......hello June!

Jeff has spent a lot of his time out in the garden, no excuses!

I hope this weather continues all summer long x
5am loo call and this is what you wake up to.

So I worked the first three days, my LAST ever Sunday, 
Bank Holiday Monday and final Plinth ticket Tuesday!

A lovely colleague gifted me these beautiful flowers x

Jeff and I went for a lovely walk Monday morning, to lessen our disappointment, as our fifth attempt to fly in a hot air balloon got cancelled. This time due to high winds!! It's been beautifully calm all week, then Sunday evening into Monday morning the winds picked up..... 
......I'm beginning to think it'll never happen!!

Then on Wednesday, I met up with my sister over in Wells....

.....for a 6 mile walk up to Penn Hill Mast.

Then lunch at Loaf in Wells and a wander around the market.

Thursday was a quiet day, we both had dentist appointments and Jeff did a bit more tidying up out in the garden. The sunflowers are growing and loving this sunshine x

As are the buttercups - fields of yellow x

I received some beautiful peonies in the post from my sister. 
I highly recommend Cornish Blooms, excellent quality x

I also received my last online Sainsbury's order, with my 15% PayDay discount!!
I totally stocked up on all the store cupboard items I could think of. Making the most of my staff discount before I lose it on Monday evening. I even found homes for everything!!

Then on Friday Sam came home for a few days. 
I'm paying for him to get a haircut, before you mention it!!! 
And I'll then take him back to Cardiff on Tuesday!

Saturday was our big half term day London!

Typically the trains were on strike!
We dad initially intended to go by train, but the day after I'd bought the tickets, they announced they were striking!! So plan B, driving to Richmond and tubing it in. But guess what? The only tube line not working on the Saturday, was the one from Richmond!!! You couldn't make it up. Thankfully we could get an overground train from Richmond to Waterloo and then tubed it there after....

First stop was a mooch around Camden. I'd never been before.

It's a great bit of London, really chilled atmosphere, will definitely go back when we have more time. It was all a bit rushed, as we had set plans for the afternoon.

We had lunch before heading on to.......

ABBA VOYAGE - the main event!!

I have wanted to go for soooooo long and it did not disappoint!
Still not sure how they make it look so real. 
It's incredible!!
No photography allowed once it starts, keep the magic of the experience alive x

Jeff was certainly outnumbered! Good job he loves ABBA!!

We went for the cheapest tickets on the dance floor. 
Who goes to ABBA and doesn't dance??
I think the seated area would be good to watch the show BUT I kept looking around and very few people actually got up and danced!

The dance floor tunnel!!

The Arena

We danced non stop! It was brilliant.
It was HOT! 
But I loved every minute.

After the show, we caught a 5 min train to Stratford. Grabbed a quick bite to eat in M&S. We were just going to get something to take away but decided to sit in the cafe, have a coffee, go to the loo, before getting the overground train back to Richmond, where we'd left the car.

We followed the sun all the way home, this was taken at 9pm! 
Perfect end to a fabulous day!

And a really lovely Half Term!!

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