Sunday, 17 September 2023

Half way......

.......through September already!!!

Back from Amsterdam and time for a change. Charlotte always colours my hair and then Di cuts it. But Di has just had a hip operation, so whilst she recuperates, Charlotte got to cut my hair too and I decided to go for the chop.....'short' short hair again! It may not not look that different but it certainly feels it and is a lot less faffy!!!

The garden is continuing to surprise. 
We have a few self-seeded 'somethings' growing!!
Won't have to buy anything for Halloween at this rate!

I spent Wednesday morning in my 'happy place' Stockhill Woods.

Spotted my first 'red and white spotty fungi find' of the season.

It was well hidden, but always a joy to spot.
As I was in the area, popped into Wells for a quick mooch, forgetting it was Market day, 
far too busy, so didn't hang around.

Collected the boy on Thursday from Bridgwater train station. He's not been home all summer, so was nice to see him......although he was straight out to friends, then partying in Bristol Friday night, out to the pub on Saturday and is currently at friends as I type......back to Cardiff this evening!! 
So not seen that much of him!

The weather has turned, summer is over. So I'm spending my time planning our next trip. Just 4 and a half weeks to Barcelona. I've never been, it's my belated 50th birthday trip. Just getting a rough feel for the place, need to book a couple of things ahead of time, so need to work out what to see and a rough idea of when!

We've also booked our Greek adventure for Summer 2024. As soon as the flights come out, we book! We are always planning a year ahead, to make the most on any savings we can.We need hold luggage for this trip due to the length of our stay. As a result, we're paying more for our luggage on our return flight than we are for our seats!!!

Saturday and it was off to Bristol (very autumnal).... meet Sophie.
I see more of her now, than when she lived at home!!

We had tickets to see the Take That Musical, Greatest Days. I had seen it before, back in 2018 with Jeff, when it was called The Band. You can't go wrong with a bit of Take That!! Enjoyed a little shopping and lunch - thank you Sophie xx I then met Sam and brought him home with me, after partying in Bristol. Fed him, before he was out again to the pub, to catch up with old school friends!

And before you know it, it's Sunday again. A wet, miserable Sunday BUT a Sunday I don't have to work!!! Am certainly loving having a much more relaxed Sunday at home. Treated us to stroopwafles and coffee, a little treat from Amsterdam x

I've got a casserole in the oven and am about to make a crumble. 
Making use of the apples we've got in the garden and blackberries in the freezer!

It does feel like Autumn is creeping in. Strictly started last night!
The sunflowers though are still bringing a little sunshine. 
We've enjoyed 2 and a half months of flowers, well worth doing. 
Have got a quieter week next week, before another busy weekend.
I'm hoping for a bit of dry weather to get out with my camera, go for a walk, enjoy the autumnal feels. I should start the decorating!!!! Always an easy one to put off for another day! I can easily fill my fact, I do wonder when I found the time to work before!! Am making the most of it whilst I can, before the money pot needs topping up!!!

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