Friday 2 March 2012

How is it March already?

I honestly can't believe we are in March already - this week has literally flown by. It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago since I was telling you about the weekend. Thank you for your support on the old fitness regime - some of you have been checking up on me and I can honestly say I have been out for my walks every single day - sometimes even twice!! The scales have pointed in a favourable direction this morning too so a good, positive week.

On the dots and spots side of things , I have been a busy bee too. Trade and web orders still keep coming in and duly going out. We are finding the odd bit of time to make up stock and quietly behind the scenes I am working on our 2013 range of products. Not anything I can show you at this stage but progress is being made.

We also have become involved in a local Diamond Jubilee project which will run from May - September. I will be doing my bit in late March / April - not sure what I can share with you yet but as and when I can spill the beans I will (I'm no good at keeping secrets!)

Today we received a top up mug order - they have been selling so well. I have another full set on order too so hopefully we should always have the mug you want in stock! If you are wanting our fantastic MUM mug for Mother's day, I would get your orders in quick - wouldn't want you to be disappointed if they go too quickly.


Ilenia said...

Complimenti e baci!!!

Giulia said...

Love your blog and products!
Many compliments for your business!

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous....yay to the scale slippage!!! keep it going sweetie! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Miss Moopette said...

Very very very much with you on this! HOW is it March already?!!! It's completely bonkers! I'm so sure time is speeding up!

Moop x