Monday 5 March 2012

I did a really silly thing last night - I went to unfollow a blog last night in my 'Goggle Reader' but instead of unsubscribing to that one blog, I unsubscribed to ALL the blogs I follow - every single one!

I honestly feel I could cry. I LOVE my blogs, I love keeping up to date with them and check through my list 3 or 4 times a day as I follow so many. There is no way, I can remember every single one of them and there is no way I can find, to get them all back.

I have spent a good 2 hours today searching and trying to list as many blogs as I can remember but I know I am no where close to the 100's I followed before. I honestly feel like somethings missing!

If you know a really good blog or think that I may have followed yours, could you give me a gentle nudge and leave a link in the comments (only if you have time) - I was needing a little natural cull of my list but this has been a very harsh way of doing things.

Going to keep searching and feeling sorry for myself!


Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Oh no, what a pain! I hope you manage to build up your list again, good luck!
I don't think you followed my blog (but maybe you should!!) ;o)
Maria x

dots and spots said...

The trouble is I got into the habit of just copying and pasting links straight onto Google reader and so followed a blog, even if I didn't do it on the actual blog floowers list - that's why it's so tricky now to retrace my steps and remember.

Fleur Cotton said...

Oh Becky what a nightmare...I dread doing anything like that, as like you my blog list is very long.

If you fancy following my blog (and you now have room!), find me at Think of this as a new opportunity to have a clear out and start afresh...a change is as good as a rest!

I think you were the first blog I ever put on my list x

Happy Blogging
Fleur xx

Beki said...

I bookmark a lot of mine and lost all mine last week when my laptop had a hissy fit, was totally gutted but think I found most of them now.

B xxx

The Pea Pod said...

Could your computer history button help? You might have one or two on there?

Lizzie x

Unknown said...

Oh no! I dare not unsubscribe to any in case I do the same! Hopefully you will be able to find them all again

it is interesting what you say about how you follow, does that mean that we could have more followers than are actually on our list? xx

Madison said...

Maybe it's a good thing. It gave you an excuse to read blogs for a good while without feeling any guilt. ;0)

Madison xxx

joy said...

Hi becky, I really dont know if you were following me or not, but I think probably not, as I still have the same number of followers as I had yesterday!
Such bad luck to lose everyone, I follow loads too, and would nebver be able to "find" them all again. Hope you manage to find most of them,
Joy xx

Deanne said...

oh bless you, i nearly deleted all my blog posts once that was one sweaty moment !! i feel for you, cause i couldnt remember all the blogs i follow too x

Unknown said...

Hello, I know to my not following me before, but you can take a look at my blog, and if you like you can stay. I'm sorry you went through the loss of some blogs
You have a wonderful blog
Greetings from Spain, here's a fan

dots and spots said...

I don't always follow a blog by adding myself to the followers list on the side of your blog because in Google reader you just get constant updates of new posts and that way I don't have to individually go to a specific blog but I still get to keep up with what's going on. So I tend to copy and paste the link of a blog straight into Google reader rather than press the follower button. This means when I'm short of time I can quickly see who has updated - I suspect many do this - I have 600+ followers listed on the blog but many more views than that a day. However when you do something silly like I have just done, if I had liked everyone's actual page then blogger would have had a record of them all! Sigh - we live and learn.

Unknown said...

Oh you poor thing! I don't know how you have the time to follow so many so avidly. Look at it this way - those that you really love will come back to you and you will stumble on others again. I am sure many will come back to you here as they follow you. And you may find lots you never knew of while you search! xx GAbs

hello gorgeous said...

Oh I hate that...and then the feeling of realisation as soon as you have clicked, arrghh!

I hope you get them back somehow, and if not then I hope the owners of the blogs remind you...and quick!

Not sure if you followed mine, but here's a link anyway


I will keep my fingers crossed for you sweetie...


hello gorgeous xxx

Victoria said...

Oh no - how frustrating. May be fun finding lots of new ones though. I am feeling very guilty, I must say. I have been very spasmodic with my posts recently - days seem to fly by - hopefully with Spring springing my blogging will be back to normal. Love your posts. x

Claire Mackaness said...

try logging into blogger and see if your follower list is still active and you should be able to re-instate it xx

Lou said...

They were:

Blogs I follow

All About The Boys
All about the world of Kittyeden
Angel's Vintage Life
Bees and Appletrees (BLOG)
Beth Gunnell Design
Blackbirds & Bumblebees
Blueberry Park
Button Patch
Buttons & Flowers
chambers beau and me
Charlotte Macey Textiles ~ stitch tales & news...
Corinne's happy days...
Country Cottage Chic
Design Totally Rocks!
designer jots
Dinky Daisy
Domesticly Chic
Dottie Designs
Dotty Daisies
Dream home
Elli Moody
Embroidered Originals Blog
Emily Pickle
felting in fibrespace
From rags to stitches.
Giddy Girl's World
Hannah Nunn
hardaker and pope
Heartfelt Handmade's Blog
hens teeth
House Interiors and Gifts Knutsford
Hungry Designs
ickle Scamp
Illustrate My Name
Indie Xmas
Janet Bell
Jenny Arnott Textiles
Jim Jam Sandwich
Kitschen Pink
lasso the moon
Life, craftiness and everything else
Little Bird Too
little bubble and tree
Little Gem's Diary
Lottie Loves Vintage
LucyKate Crafts...
Make, Do & Send
Marmalade Yarns
me plus molly
milly and pip
Moobaacluck - Handmade Happiness from North Norfolk
Muddy Puddle Crafts
My Owl Barn
My Poppet Petite
Noahs Ark Crafts
Original Art By Clare
Paper Salad
Pearl and Earl's Postcard
Pens and Doodles
Petal Textiles
Polka Dot Daze
Rainbow and Sunshine
Rosalind Wilson Illustrator and Designer
Ruby and Bettys Attic
sara's art* house
sarah-jane down the lane
Selina Lake
Shabby Chic Interiors
sixty one A
Spearmint Baby
Sumptuosity - Ruth
Suzy's Vintage Attic
Suzy's Vintage Attic Shop
The Children's Jewellery Company
The Devil Makes Work
The fabric of my life
The Great Easter Egg Hunt
The Lark
The Laurel Tree
the light garden
The Speckled Pear
The World According to Sam
Three Red Apples
Tilly Ba Lou
Torie Jayne

Tracey said...

ohhh I would hate that, good luck in finding them all and maybe you find some new ones along the way.

dots and spots said...

Thanks Lou - I'd seen my blog list via blogger but it's the links I've copy and pasted directly into Google Reader that I can't find

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh my goodness, I bet your heart sank ! I am not sure if you followed mine as it more of a family, craft, eco, chicken style blog :-) x

Shsjndkdns said...

hope you manage to find your lost blogs!
if i was one of them i hope you re-add me! :)

Lou said...

Can you visit your own blog and copy and paste from your profile screen?
I don't really understand google reader so that could be a daft question!!

Chris said...

Oh dear Becky, what a bummer. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Stripes and Stars said...

Hi Becky, goodness what a nightmare. I follow your blog and look every day to see if you have updated it. Me on the other hand have been useless with my blog of late. My little boy suffers from childhood arthritis, and the past year has been a nightmare. I am however going to keep up with the blog as from next week.

Not sure if you followed my blog, but when I get to 100 followers I'm going to start doing giveaways.

Love Amanda.....x

Bagladee said...

Not sure if you were following my blog Becky but here's my link anyway. x

Jenny said...

Oh what an absolute nightmare Becky, hope you managed to remember most of them! Your mugs in the post above are looking gorgeous, not surprised they are so popular! x

sarah said...

hi i said on twitter today would leave a few blogs you may like they are tales from cuckoo land, treasures from the cherry tree,homebird,country rose and mine is bubble and life x

dawn machell said...

don't think you followed me....but you should ;-) x