Wednesday 7 March 2012


I am dreaming of mugs - mugs, mugs and more mugs.

On Friday we took delivery of another full mug order and had chance to start checking them over and packaging them ready for orders yesterday.

The boxes were made up and

a pile of bubble wrap cut to size

and then we packed mug after mug, after mug......

We have another full set on order and then we will be well stocked and ready for orders. The camper van and beach hut designs are proving popular but then, so is the doodle bird and hens. There should be a mug for everyone in there somewhere!


Miss Moopette said...

Ello again... :~}

I was just wondering if you could give me a few hints on how you get your mugs made...

I have many designs I want to transfer onto mugs, but I don't really know what's the best thing to do, or what's reliable.

I've found that there's a place in Stoke-on-Trent that can make transfers which you then attach to blank mugs and fire in a kiln... but I really feel in the dark with this and feel like I need a bit of advice.

I'd really love it if you could give me a few pointers!

Many thanks.


dots and spots said...

Morning - I have licensed my designs to the mug manufacturer so other than doing the original collage designs, I have absolutely nothing to do with the process. The mug people sell my mugs to trade, I just buy them off them like any other trade customer and sell them on the website.

They make my collage designs into transfers and fire them in a kiln so it sounds like your Stoke-on-Trent place - I would look into that a bit more.

Miss Moopette said...

Thanks ever so much!! :~}