Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bit of a catch up!

 I've been feeling a little sad that the Summer seems to be nearly over without the sun actually shining! It's been so wet and there really is an Autumnal feel in the air now. I came home today to see hubby chopping down an old apple tree in the hedge which has just, this afternoon fallen, probably as a result of all this rain!

 My swan has gone back out on display for the remaining 2 weeks of the Swans in Wells Art Trail. It is in it's new home - it's third no less, under one of the Town Hall archways. We're hoping it may be a little more sheltered from any more heavy downpours, before it comes in for good on the 3rd of September for a little TLC before the Swansong Preview weekend.

I've been taking more photo's of our festive products in preparation for 'that' time of year. We will be loading everything onto our website in the coming weeks. I've got my fingers crossed that we are in for a sunny September - we certainly deserve one. Last minute shoe shopping, uniform checks and a few friend get together's are in the diary for next week before the new school term starts! 

Where has the past 5 weeks gone?

Forgot to say - am off to the Shepton Flea bright and early tomorrow morning - will report back any nice findings - enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend wherever you are.

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