Thursday, 16 August 2012

Swan for SALE!

Who would like to buy my swan?

She gets auctioned off on the 29th of September

As you know she has been out in the rain in Wells all Summer, so will be reformed to her former glory in time for the Swansong Preview weekend on the 15th/16th of September. Ideally she would be suited to a covered or inside spot as despite being a swan,she appears to not be too keen on the rain!

All details of the auction can be found here *AUCTION DETAILS*


Anonymous said...

What is the significance of all the Swan? Is it a UK icon?

Did u see the house of interest? Did you like it?

dots and spots said...

It was to do with the Queens Jubilee - she is the owner of all the swans in the UK and they are famous in the city of Wells for ringing a bell on the Bishop's moat to get fed. You can read more about it on the Swans of Wells website

The house would be lovely but we still have to sell ours, so until that happens I'm trying not to think about it!