Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It's the start of the..........

..........most wonderful time of the year!

 Today it was officially time to start Christmas! Eek, there I said it 'CHRISTMAS'
Trade orders are starting to come in and in a few weeks it will be that crazy time of the year again.

 We have our fabulous advent calendars, Christmas gift wrap and tags, Christmas cards, festive decorative tape, party invites and thank you's and plenty of stocking fillers - notebooks, stickers, magnets, mugs and more! So I spent ALL day photographing our lovely products.

 In a few weeks I will have to do it all again as we have a few *NEW* products coming your way - some for our trade customers designed and printed by us and some we have personally selected for our retail customers which add to what we already offer.

 I have a pile of tidying up to do tomorrow and lots of jobs to tick off my 'to do' list. The Summer holidays are whizzing by and I may have relaxed a little too much in the first few weeks - I blame the Olympics - so I'm playing catch up! Not the best way to start the festive season!

I was hoping to have designed all my 2013 greeting and Christmas cards this summer - I haven't done one! Silly me, as I'll now be doing all my designing during the Christmas madness - when will I learn!


patchworkandlace said...

Wow you have been busy ,christmas doesnt seem that far away really ,your makes are gorgeous i love all the colours xxx

INDIAN said...
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katysclutter said...

I was just thinking last night it's nearly christmas…now i really can't wait :)

dots and spots said...

I LOVE Christmas - just want to be organised so that I can enjoy weekends off rather than working all the time - the more prep done now the better

Frances Jose said...

OOOh I'm feeling festive now! It all looks great :)