Saturday, 11 November 2017

Back to reality!

After all the birthday celebrations last weekend, this week has just been a normal week - work, overtime, school etc. 
Sam had a Sixth Form Open Evening - not sure how my 'baby' is at the point of choosing where to study A Levels and which subjects to choose! Maths, Physics, Chemistry and possibly Computer Science, depending on where he decides to go. There is of course the small matter of GCSE's to get through first, having just completed his mocks he's had a 'week off' from doing homework but after the mock results, we'll have to work out a realistic revision 'way forward'. Love Sam to bits but he would do absolutely no work at all, if left to his own devices. Would be tempted to just leave him to get on with it himself as he has to learn but these exams are important and be can't fail, so we have to work with him and encourage some revision now, even if the exams seem like ages away. Boys are so different to girls in my experience or to risk stereotyping, should it be that Sam is so different to Sophie!?! 

Have a good weekend x

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Miffy257 said...

I think you're right it's a bit of a boy thing. My son always used to say he had no homework but his sister certainly did when she went to the same school a few years later!