Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Cake!!!

So somehow I now am the 'proud Mum' of an 18 year old!!!
Will do a proper blog post about that in a bit but thought the birthday cake was worthy of it's own post. You see I like cooking, not necessarily baking and all the faff that goes with it, so I'm pretty proud of the cake I created for Sophie's 18th birthday celebrations.

Good old Delia Smith 'All in one' sponge recipe, never fails.....

an assortment of bits I've been squirrelling away for a few weeks....

.....and chaos! 
Anyone else create as much mess as me, when decorating cakes?

This was the sneaky peek I revealed, as I didn't want Sophie to see it on Instagram, before she saw the actual cake in all it's glory!

Taaaaa Daaaaaa ... the finished cake...

.....and all lit up for the big event x

Jeff doing his fatherly duties and colour coordinating with his choice of tie, just perfectly x

Make a wish.....

and enjoy xxx



Lisa said...

What a festive feast of a cake!
Many happy returns to Sophie.
May all her birthday wishes come true.
Lisa x

Sharon said...

That literally looks magnificent! x