Saturday, 4 November 2017

Happy18th Sophie xx

So today we celebrate Sophie's 18th Birthday!
I know it's said often but I really don't know where those years have gone. It doesn't seem five minutes ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital, a much longed for and loved bundle of gorgeousness.

She was born at 16:31pm, weighing in at 6lbs 2oz, with a head of dark hair. 
At 6 weeks old, over the Millennium celebrations, she was seriously ill, spending a week in hospital with bronchial pneumonia and a respiratory virus (RSV) and I'm not really sure how close we came to losing her, certainly isn't something I like to think about.

I started to look through the photo albums for pictures to share but there were 1000's  to choose from. The common theme throughout though, was the smile. Always being busy, always full on and always smiling.
For some reason I've been a little emotional, I guess it's now a time when they are so very nearly ready to fly the nest and venture into the world on their own. You reflect on the job you have done as a parent and question whether or not you have prepared them fully for all that lies ahead.

I am super proud of the girl/woman, Sophie has become!!!

She is such a bright, focused, hard working, smiley, fair and kind individual and I wish her a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness to come. I hope she fulfils all her dreams and aspirations and enjoys every bit of the adventure along the way. She's received all her University offers from the full five she applied to, so now has to put in the hard work to achieve her dreams. It'll be a big ask but she seems quite determined and where there's a will, there's a way.

I've tried to make it a birthday she'll remember, with our trip to London, a tablet/computer 'thing' she wanted, a fabulous cake, a meal with friends in a couple of weeks time (joint celebration with a friend) and a family meal out to ASK Italian (her choice)

 ....with celebratory cocktails to mark the occasion.
 Who doesn't love an 'Italian Twinkle'?



Ali said...

Such a lovely post congratulations Sophie xxx

Mrs LH said...

Aaw it's a very special day - the years certainly do seem to fly by for sure. Hope you all have a lovely celebratory evening - plus many cocktails🎂🍸🍹🍰!!

Lisa said...

Hope the cocktails were enjoyed!
Lisa x

Miffy257 said...

Looks like you all had an amazing time. Happy Birthday Sophie. Having a daughter you have a great relationship with is a real blessing and she will always be there for you too. Wishing her the best of everything in her future X

Miffy257 said...
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dots and spots said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments xx