Saturday, 22 February 2020


.....and you miss it!!

The half term week has been and gone! 
I spent the first half of it working, just as well given the weather has been appallingly wet and miserable. We did still go to Cardiff on the Wednesday as planned but it was a thoroughly soggy day.

Sam drove there and back, very confident on the motorway. He had intended to go and explore but it was so wet, he pretty much stayed under the cover of the shopping Mall like us. In fact, after our lunch we headed home. Sophie and I had planned to go to Bath on the Thursday but didn't bother due to the rain.

On Friday my new fridge/freezer was delivered.
Our last one had served us well but 12 years on was on it's last legs. I had already booked the day off, so it all worked out great with the delivery timings etc.

Jeff and I finally got around to seeing 1917. Not my sort of film at all and I left feeling exhausted, as it was so stressful to watch. Yes, it gives you huge respect and an understanding of what they went through in the war but it was a hard watch.

Sophie and I booked tickets to go and see 'Waitress' when it tours next year. We also booked tickets to see Mamma Mia again in the summer. Love having things to look forward to x

Sam has had a mixed week. Time with friends, a party, motorway driving lesson, a day trip to Cardiff and a tutor session and the sudden realisation that his exams are only 12 weeks away and he has to start doing some proper work! He needed his shocking mock results, followed by an uncomfortable Parents Evening to kick him into gear. His Physics tutor sessions are beginning to build his confidence and a little more self-belief that he can achieve and do well, if he starts putting in some work. It's hard to motivate yourself when you don't know what you want to do but I keep reminding him that he could enjoy a great Gap Year or spend next year retaking. Only he can decide whether to put the work in now and enjoy next year or do very little and have to repeat it all over again!! 

Jeff has been busy learning Spanish. He's been teaching himself and felt confident enough, to actually sign up to speak to someone this week. It's all on-line via Skype but it's giving him the opportunity to speak 'proper' Spanish! I joke that as long as he takes me with him when he elopes, he can happily continue!!!

Anyway, I must sign off and taxi Sophie back to the train station. It's been lovely to have her home. It's only 2 weeks until I visit for the day with my sister and so it's only 5 weeks until she'll be back for Easter. Here's hoping she brings the sunshine home with her. This time last year, I drove her back and we sat outside enjoying a coffee in lovely warm sunshine. We are due a good dose of warm, continual sunshine after this grey, wet, cold, miserable winter.

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