Saturday, 15 February 2020

Half term begins

I feel we've needed half term to come....'s felt a bit of a slog this last week.

The weather's truly awful, one storm after another, wind, rain, dark, miserable days....I'm not a fan!! Sam has realised, I believe, finally, that he needs to do more work in preparation for his A Levels. The Physics tutor sessions are going well and you can visibly see him becoming more confident again. Jeff is helping him with his Maths and he's pretty secure with his Chemistry, so here's hoping with this new found work ethic, he can turn things around in time.

He's been off driving solo! He's got a motorway lesson booked in for Monday, so depending on my nerves, I may let him drive to Cardiff on Wednesday, or at least a chunk of the journey there.

I've just been head down working. There is no overtime due to an over spend at Christmas, so just my normal hours which have increased slightly. I'm now in charge of emptying and filling and checking the self scan tills once a week, so have an earlier start, to get it done before the store opens to the public. A responsibility I wasn't looking for!!! 
I made use of the 11am film showing at my local cinema on my day off on Wednesday, with free coffee and biscuits. It's a great resource and I watched a lovely film 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood' with Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys. A film I wouldn't have gone out of my way to see in an evening but a feel good film, I'm glad I've seen.

I picked up this one on Thursday!!

Sophie's got a Reading Week, so has come home and lovely it is too! She's a couple of assignments to do but can have a good go at them whilst I'm still working. We're off to Cardiff for the day on Wednesday, not specifically for her job during her Placement Year but an excuse to familiarise ourselves with the shopping there! No other specific plans, just a few relaxed days with her at home.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.

It was fun at work watching all these guys buying flowers, chocolate etc So many looked so far out of their comfort zone!! Jeff and I just exchange cards. I think we were pretty in sync with each other this year. He's learning Spanish, so I did have to 'google translate' what he actually wrote inside his card this year. Maybe next year we should go somewhere Spanish, so he could practice his speaking skills!!!

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