Saturday, 17 October 2020

Fungi finds!

I have always loved toadstools, mushrooms, fungi, whatever you want to call them. I love the shape, colour, form, texture, the magical quality they have. Whilst out walking and now with my new camera, I've been busy photographing them too. 

Thursday finds!

Saturday finds.

These were all taken at Stockhill Woods, near Priddy, during the past couple of days.

On Thursday, my day off, I took Sam to Wells for his second resit exam and whilst he worked hard, I mooched around Wells. The Bishop's Palace, Vicars Close, the Cathedral....

....all fabulous to photograph and beautiful in the autumn sunshine.

I then picked the boy up, all went well in his exam and we headed to nearby Stockhill Woods,
 to let off some steam and get a burst of fresh air.

We both love walking through woods and despite living in Somerset all these years, 
I didn't even know this place existed!! It was beautiful.

We went equipped with my new camera, packed lunch and the pocket size book of Fungi! Someone recently posted on Instagram, the perfect red and white classic toadstool found here in these woods, so we went on a bit of a mission.

Just when we were giving up hope of finding one, Sam spotted this!

Perfect x
Another 'bucket list' item ticked off.

I've been perfecting my robin shots too, there is a slight improvement.

Anyway this morning I persuaded Jeff to go back to Stockhill Woods with me. He's now on his half term hols. The forecast for the week ahead looks soggy, so it's a case of making the best of the dry weather. He was just as helpful as Sam, scouting out the best fungi for me to photograph.

A few 'classic' toadstool shots.

Just across the road from the woods is Priddy Pools,
a huge contrast, with open moorland.....

...and a big pool!

I much preferred the wood and plentiful fungi....

....and I'll leave you with a shot of 'Dead Mans Fingers'!!

Until next week, have a good one x

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