Saturday, 24 October 2020

Should be in Barcelona!!

So, as to be expected in 2020, our trip to Barcelona got cancelled!!

To say I'm disappointed would be an under statement. I totally get it, it's the right thing to happen but I am really sad we couldn't go. Hopefully next year!!  I've still taken the days I'd booked off as holiday from work. Jeff is off on half term, so we thought we could do day trips out and about, although the weather forecast isn't looking great!

Sam sat his final Physics exam on Wednesday. I'm quite proud of the way he's dealt with the whole situation. Feel a bit miffed with the school though, not one of his Physics teachers dropped by to wish him luck, see how he got on, sent an email, pretty poor I'd say, especially considering he's the 'only' pupil in the whole school to resit an exam!

We celebrated with a blind beer taste test, as you do!!

Sam should have come with us but his bed was more appealing, so on the Thursday, best day for weather, Jeff and I headed over to Cheddar, only about half an hour away, to walk a circular route of Cheddar Gorge. Embarrassed to admit, that despite living in Somerset all these years, I'd never been.

Not really sure what I was expecting. It was quite a climb. We parked up in the town, then followed a wooded path up a steep, slippery incline to the top of the Gorge. 

You then walk along the top but I didn't realise, you then descend steeply to cross the road running through the gorge, to then have to climb steeply again, to get to the top of the Gorge on the other side.

The views were quite spectacular, even on a mizzly, damp, grey day.

A rare photo of me, taking a photo!
So yes, in the picture of me, you can see where we walked on the far side, to then climb down, then up again, to get on this side (there is a road in between). And of course, there was then the final steep descent down to the town. The walk should take 2.5hrs but with me stopping to take numerous photo's, a picnic lunch and stopping to let people pass and keep our distance thrown in for good measure, we took 4 hours! It was a great walk, definitely not easy, in fact Jeff and I were both pleased we'd recently purchased proper walking boots. Will have to drag Sam over there one day, he'd really enjoy it.

All this fabulous fungi slowed us down initially. Just off the path during the first wooded steep ascent, the floor was littered with all this fabulous fungi. You could easily have walked up the path and missed the lot but just stepping a meter or two away from the path, we found all of this.....

To see the individual pictures in more detail, you can view them over on my new Instagram page @fab_fungi

So yesterday, another grey day, we went for a walk with Jeff's former work colleagues from his days at Wells Cathedral School, what 16 years ago now!! We all follow each other on Instagram and have seen Steve the past couple of years in Majorca, whilst on holiday, as he now lives there part of the year. Was a lovely 'socially distanced' catch up.

Whilst having a quick potter around the garden, spotted two late, ripe figs on my little tree. An unexpected find and much appreciated.

And to end today's ramblings, another shot of my little robin visitor. 

I have tomorrow off, a rare treat having a Sunday at home! Jeff and Sam are then still on half term for another week but still the weather looks soggy! We'll try and get out when we can. It certainly hasn't been Barcelona as planned but there always a positive to be found somewhere and we wouldn't have done the Gorge trip or met up with Steve and Nicky had we been away.


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joy said...

I was incredibly lucky, my bucket list trip to Barcelona took place, I arrived back in UK 1st March!! It was a fabulous trip, and a wonderful city, you'll love it xx