Saturday 14 November 2020

The BIG 50!!

I'm 50!!!!!!

Came down this morning to a room full of balloons!! 
Had always said I wanted the big helium 50 balloons but of course they're not an essential item in Lockdown!!! So Sophie surprised me with these.

Had 'sparkling' panettone for breakfast, what a treat x

I had such plans for my 50th! Have never really celebrated a big birthday other than my 21st when I threw myself out of an aeroplane and did a parachute jump!! Big trips to Florence with my sister and Barcelona with Jeff were obviously cancelled!! Trip to Plymouth to see Deacon Blue play tonight obviously cancelled too. Trip to The Newt for lunch with my sister then cancelled too, and even a walk up the Tor with Sam cancelled, due to the rain!!!! There's a I'm cancelling turning 50 and going to stay 49 for another year, simple! I still feel 21 some days!

I've had some lovely presents, plus my camera.....

...and some lovely flowers.

I've eaten so much food.....

Sophie made me a cake....

....I taught her well!! 

Sam treated me to a 'Birthday Banquet' for lunch....

...and continuing with tradition, 
the first 'proper' mince pie of the year, on my birthday, always.
And a Chinese takeaway for tea, no cooking for me x

Finishing off the days celebrations with cake!!
All in all, a lockdown birthday made super special by family and friends.

Thank You xx

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