Saturday 28 November 2020

What a wonderful place to live

Just four Fridays until it's Christmas Day! 
I always think there's loads of time, then bang, get to the end of November 
and any time there is just runs away from you.

It was back to work for me on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday ...

...but I got out with Sam on Wednesday, up in Ivythorn Woods. We crunched our way through autumnal leaves, past fiery red holly berries and then saw daffodils, out in full flower - it's November!!

So we've survived Lockdown round two, week 3, with a few more lovely walks ...

...and started Lockdown week four, with a beautiful cold, frosty morning.

It was stunning! 

Cold, frosty, misty, blue skies breaking through, so I decided to head down to the Levels and walk along the River Brue.

A lone fisherman on the banks of the river Brue.

Here are just a few highlights from my walk. I literally took 100's of photo's. 

I do share all my pictures over on various Instagram pages

That same evening, I persuaded Sam to come with me to Ham Wall, to witness the starling murmurations. I've been once before with Jeff but Sam has never seen them. I was prompted into action after watching a black shadow move silently across the Tor the day before, for a good 20 minutes and more, as the starlings returned to the reed beds at Ham Wall to roost.

It is the most incredible sight, definitely a bucket list item.

The above pic was taken by Sam

And this one attempts to show you the sheer number of starlings coming in to roost.

I have so enjoyed lockdown for making me get out in my local area again. I have all these fabulous places on my doorstep, literally within a 5 mile radius as the crow flies from my house. I've not ventured further afield, as it's lockdown and any other journeys wouldn't have been 'essential'! I won't go mad once lockdown is lifted, as to be honest the situation hasn't really changed but I do want to go back over to Stockhill woods, Wells and go see what the Newt is like over in Bruton, as I bought tickets for my birthday, which we felt we couldn't use.

But when you have this, en route to your Tesco supermarket run, 
a quick burst up Wearyall hill to see this magnificent view....

...and Glastonbury Tor emerging from the mist.

Jeff's had a rare Saturday off today, so we've just got back for a quick walk up on Collard Hill, not the beautiful frosts of the past two days, very foggy and damp but a much needed burst of fresh air.

Spotted my first catkins too!
So far I've seen daffodils in full bloom, all my bulbs are poking through, the magnolia tree out the front  is in bud and now catkins! Given the year it's been, nothing surprises me!
Have a good week - back to work tomorrow for my three day burst! It's getting busy, adding in a little overtime too, so got to make the most of my time off in between.

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