Monday, 15 March 2021

Mother's day

Well these two surprised me on Friday with flowers. Sophie was insistent on taking her car out for a drive at lunch time, as it had not been used. I'll be honest, I thought they were getting a McDonald's, particularly when Sam bounded down the stairs to open the door for her on her return but no......

....instead I got given these beautiful flowers.

Despite working all day, I still felt spoilt. Sam left his card out for me to open in the morning, we got given a bag on mini eggs from work! When I got home my coffee was waiting for me and Sophie was cooking tea and then when Sam got home from work later, I got given a few more bits. Totally unexpected! Some rhubarb starters and a 'Pacmat' a waterproof square to sit on, for when I go out on my walks, perfect, as it folds up really small, better than the carrier bag I currently use!!

I've loved having the two of them around this year. The pandemic has been awful but bonus time with these two, at this time in their lives, has been priceless!

Of course I wished my Mum a lovely day, looking forward when we can visit 
and actually hug each other again, It's been over a year!!


And always, we remember Jeff's Mum, who was taken far too soon.
The life and soul of the party. We miss her xx

So, as with all these things, that's the day over for another year. Next year I might not have the pleasure of their company, so I'm making the time I have between now and September and them both going to University, count xx

Hope you all had a lovely day too x

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