Monday, 15 March 2021


Feeling thankful and relieved.

On Thursday morning I received a text inviting me to book my jab!
9:10 am this morning, Monday 15th of March...... 

....I received my first dose of  Astra Zeneca (The Oxford One!!)

I will say, it was a very slick operation up at the West Mendip Hospital, all very efficient and I've come away feeling very grateful. Having the vaccine gives me a sense of hope and honestly, it's a huge relief given I work in a Supermarket, where you have to mix with so many people on a daily basis and you have no idea what level of social distancing, following of the rules etc, they're actually doing.

We seem to be about a month ahead of schedule here, I was pleasantly surprised to be offered the jab as early as I have. It just bodes well for Sophie and Sam, I really hope they'll get both doses before they head off to Uni in late September and we'll easily be done by July, when all being well we go to Greece to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.


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