Monday, 29 March 2021

'Stay Local' and a birthday!!

The 'stay at home' rule is lifted today, replaced with the 'stay local' rule!! A lot of personal interpretation there and peoples 'moral compass' will be tested. I read it, as being able to travel within Somerset, allowing me to diversify my walks, meet up with my sister, possible trip to the nearest coast etc. Still unsure if a day trip to Cornwall to see family is within the rules, a 6hr round trip, might leave it a few weeks still.

Anyway I'm sure things will become clearer as the weeks go by. One definite thing happened, we celebrated a birthday yesterday, poor Jeff has had two lockdown birthdays. I was working all day but we had a nice family tea and tried to make it special.

So Cheers....... the birthday boy, lockdown slowly lifting and the promise of warm, 
sunny weather for a couple of days xx



Debdor said...

Many Happy Returns! May I ask what flavour those Tony bars are. We have a new shop open near me, and they do the dark chocolate sea salt and almond one. It is deadly, I cant leave it alone...

dots and spots said...

@Debdor these were one off imitation bars - kitkat, forrero roche, Toblerone and twix. If you go on their website you can see the full range, although I have bought multi packs of a variety of flavours from Amazon before. Hope that helps