Saturday 22 May 2021

Going OUT!

Another week, I really can't believe that May is nearly over, not that you'd know from the weather!! Wet, rain, damp, you get the idea!! I worked just the Sunday and Monday this week, have moved some hours over into next week to help them out, so on Tuesday Sam and I took advantage of the fact he had a day off too and ventured over to Bristol for the day. We've not been since March last year, the week before we went into lockdown, it felt like we shouldn't have been there but this time, it felt fine, the NEW normal!!

It was nice to spend some quality time with Sam too x

So then on Wednesday, the only dry day, I met up with my work colleague Cat and went for a walk. 
A very wet walk due to the amount of rain we've had!

We've been promising each other we'd go but haven't got round to it until now. 

With all the wet weather, it's a good job I've got my rowing machine.
I'm totally in the right head space at the moment and am a stone down now since Easter. Eating the right food is the main reason but also being more active - walking, rowing, yoga and even work. On an 8hr shift I can clock 30,000 steps!! 

I just hope it lasts, have another stone to go to get me back into a happier/healthier place. It's a forever thing, this weight malarkey, will forever battle the pounds but am determined to win and keep the weight off for good, particularly as I get older. 

And it's all about balance!! Yesterday evening I met my lovely friend for a coffee. It's been 8 months, so we celebrated with cake, went halves, so it could have been worse!! Two coffees and two hours of chat later.... I've missed doing normal things like going shopping, like meeting a friend, like drinking a coffee 'inside' a cafe, eating a meal 'inside' a restaurant. I filled the void with walking, taking photographs etc but proper company has been lovely. Life needs to open up, get back to normal somehow, otherwise what is the point! I have been invited to get my second jab next week, feeling extremely relieved and thankful. 

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