Saturday, 19 June 2021

Always watching the weather!!

Why is it when you work the weather is beautiful and when you get a day off,
 it's grey, damp, miserable???

My little fig tree loved the warm sunshine at the start of the week.....'s absolutely covered in figs this year.

And this glorious sunrise made my 5am alarm more bearable.....

....and a little snooze in the garden to recover from doing an extra 'early' shift!!

But then Thursday, day off, it's grey, damp and miserable and it's shall we walk, will it/won't it rain senario!! Anyway, we did walk the Polden Way, to Hurcot Hill and back and it stayed dry!!

My sunflowers are loving both the warm sunshine and damp days. 
What a difference a week makes!!!

Thursday was a big day for Sophie - first vaccination for her and Sam is booked in for next week. Both should be 'double dosed' before they head off to Uni in September - a HUGE relief!! Friday was catch up at home day. I rowed in the morning, went and did the food shop, tidied up at home, worked my way through the never ending washing pile, a nothing sort of day!!

Then this morning, with the forecast looking grey, Sophie and I decided to get up early'ish and head over to The Newt. We've not been since Easter and I wanted to see it now in full leaf.

At least the grey made all the green's pop!! 

It was beautiful and if nothing else, this past year has taught me, that we have so much to be grateful for so close to home and the seasonal changes are worth taking notice of!!

I didn't really appreciate the wonderful fungi! Still happen upon it completely by accident but find it such an interesting thing to photograph. Partly because it's easy, it doesn't move and it stays perfectly still!!

There were also the most beautiful flowers at every turn today. 

Daises, meadows full!

Sweet peas

Water lillies....


And at home I have my beautiful rescued peonies, destined for the bin!!

So Jeff and Sam have two weeks of term remaining. Sophie has a big exam/presentation thing on Monday. She's put in a lot of hard work, so deserves to do well, hoping the stress levels will come right down once Monday is over! I've two and a half weeks to go before I'm due some time off work and boy do I need it. Work is really hard at the moment. There's never enough people to do everything, so you try and do more and more, it's blumin knackering. I keep saying I've four more years if my plan to stop/reduce my hours can happen. That's if I make it that long!! Anyway a mixed bag of weather forecast for the week ahead. Of course, it should be Glastonbury Festival next week, always rubbish weather!! Let's hope the sunshine is saving itself for my time off!! Wishful thinking xx

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