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Fiskardo - days 3-7



.....and our home for the next few nights.

So we should have arrived the day before but someone had booked the whole building and made a mistake when booking our apartment, so we agreed to spend an extra night in Argostoli, rather than make a huge fuss, despite booking a year ago! It's just not worth it in the grand scheme of things and we enjoyed the extra day in Argostoli. Our host was very apologetic and thankful.

Anyway it was a great find, booked with right by the sea for Jeff's early morning swim, lots of space and a large balcony to sit out on and enjoy the view. Very jealous of the huge fig tree, laden with fruit just across the road. 

So day three and an early taxi to the bus station, 2 hour bus ride to Fiskardo. Wonderful new apartment and our home for the next four nights, with the most incredible view. We spent what was left of the day, exploring the town and the wooded pine walk to the lighthouse on the opposite side of the bay. 

Fiskardo is known as the posh part of Kefalonia, it was more expensive and this is due to the 100's of yachts that frequent the town and it's waters. There was a obscene amount of money in those waters. As a result of the yachts and visiting tourist boats, the harbour area was very busy and transient all day.

Although you could find quieter moments late afternoon.

We decided to share a proper lunch.....

....before exploring our new home. 

We  walked around the opposite side of the bay, along a pine tree dirt path to not one but two lighthouses and the ruins of an early Christian basilica. Took time out to paddle!!

Absolutely beautiful place and crystal clear waters.

Local fishing boat


The harbour/waterfront area is packed with restaurants. 

We chose well, Tassia - celebrating 50 years in business.

The food has been delicious. Our restaurant choice was probably one of the pricier places but the food was worth every penny - delicious.


Found the all important bakery!

We always love the bakery. It's my main holiday treat, buying fresh pastries for breakfast
and sharing some bread/savoury pastry for lunch

Although this morning we treated ourselves to a proper breakfast and we choose well. These pancakes, served with greek yogurt, jam, maple syrup, nuts and fresh fruit were absolutely delicious.

So day four, a beach day. Treat breakfast, then set up camp for the day. Then in the evening, we walked to nearby Foki beach for a picnic tea and to suss it out. There was a cyclone in 2020 and the waters still have not recovered, our host said another 2 years before the crystal clear waters will return. Wasps slightly spoilt proceedings but we carried on. We walked to the far side of the bay, then back home, so despite a relaxing beach day, we got our 10,000 steps in!!!

Our local beach spot was perfect. Literally 3 minute walk from our apartment, the luxury of sun loungers left at our apartment and our umbrella, bought on the first day. We always buy an umbrella and leave it at our final place for the next person to make use of it.

Picnic lunch!

So we had planned to walk to the nearby Foki beach in the evening,
 to see if it was worth the trek in the daytime heat. 

It was about a 20 minute walk, along the main road, generally on the flat.

A tiny inlet surrounded by pine trees and olive trees providing shade.

The beach was quiet, a few groups of people

We'd taken a picnic but rather than repeat the lovely picnic we'd enjoyed last year, we were plagued by wasps, dozens of them buzzing around. Didn't make for a lovely relaxing evening!!


The breakfast more than made up for the wasp invaded tea!!!

Loved this on the way home, a table top stall selling jam and fruits.


Day five and a trip to the wonderful Emplise beach, then in the evening we ate at the lovely Elli's restaurant on the beach. 

It was a 20 minute walk 'up' out of Fiskardo, then down to the beach. 

Our spot for the day.

Incredible crystal clear water, stunning bay.

Unfortunately Jeff got stung by a jellyfish under his arm, thankfully a local advised him in what to do to alleviate the pain and it didn't put him off! He suggested vigorously scraping an unwanted credit card back and forth over the sting area, to disperse the poison and reduce the blister. I got stung back in 2018 when we were in Majorca and it blumin hurt, so at least he was more empathetic about the pain!!

The walk back up the hill was rewarded with ice-cream and a cold beer

Then a leisurely stroll back down the hill to Fiskardo.

As I previously mentioned, our accommodation was double booked on our first night and because we were so accommodating, our host gave us complimentary mezze for two and drinks at this restaurant, so we'd of been silly not to take her up on her offer - it was super busy and most of the tables were reserved, so we were lucky to get a table. 

Jeff always tries a local dish!!
And I had fish, which is always so expensive as half the meal was paid for!

The food this holiday has been delicious. But remember last nights wasp infested picnic? That same night, in the restaurant we'd eaten in the previous night...... other than Samuel L Jackson and.....

.....Magic Johnson dined there!!
I did say there were some incredible yachts out in the bay and they probably belonged to these guys!!!


We went back for pancakes as they were soooooo good!

The local Supermarket!
Would rather be working here than Sainsbury's any day of the week!

So day six and our final full day in Fiskardo. We treated ourselves to breakfast again, as it was sooooo delicious last time. We spent our final day back on the local beach, then spent the evening enjoying our last stroll around the harbour and ate where we first did, full circle. 

Our local beach just minutes from our apartment.

Our spot for the day, with the added luxury of a sun lounger...... 50 year old body needed it!!


Feeling wonderfully relaxed and rested!

Will miss the busyness of the harbour, although for all the money, 
I still loved the traditional fishing boats the best!!

Last evening stroll into town.

Fiskardo you were delicious!!

Beautiful reflections on our last night.

We had a taxi booked for 11am, Assos bound! 
Fiskardo, you have been wonderful and we will return one day


First glimpse of Assos

a little closer....

.....closer still!

Our home for the final part of our trip.

Will share all about Assos in my next post xx

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