Saturday, 30 July 2022

A 'plod' week!

It's been a something and nothing week, a slow week. Nothing wrong with that, just nothing 'wow' to report! Worked my Sunday, Monday, went to Yeovil with Sophie Tuesday morning. Had to go in for a meeting at work on Wednesday morning, then had an appointment with the lovely dentist, for a check up in the afternoon.

Wednesday would have been Granny's 99th birthday. 
Can't believe it's already nearly a year since we said goodbye.

Thursday morning was an appointment at the Dr's to discuss the Menopause.
And so my HRT journey begins! Had a 6 monthly blood test between November and May and a follow up appointment finally. Spoke to lovely practitioner, who gave me 30 mins of her time, explained everything, considered my PCOS and my fear of weight gain. Have started on alternate patches for 3 months, then go back and see how things have been. My main issues are night sweats, poor sleep, brain fog, have to write everything down, ditsy, hip pain...... So fingers crossed I see some improvement.

Made the most of any sunshine and sat out and enjoyed the garden.

And when it was cloudy, plotted and started planning our next trip to Dubrovnik.

We've booked this apartment in the old town. Including flights, it's working out less than £50 per person, per day! We're using Dubrovnik as a base and exploring further afield from there.

So not only is the week over but tomorrow is the last day of July!!
This past month has flown by and it's been so full of wonderful times, Jeff's brothers wedding, our holiday, Sophie's Graduation, the first fig for picking!!! Next week is fully booked up with various days out, so August will start off with a bang!!

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