Thursday, 21 July 2022

Argostoli - days 1-3


Our accommodation for two nights only. 
We plumped for this as we were arriving late and it was very central, given we only had two days in Argostoli to explore. We had the all important bit of outdoor space and a view of the port and street below. (booked through Airbnb)

It was a good size, had a bonus washing machine which we made use of and we were offered a complementary breakfast and discount on any other meals in the restaurant below.

Never one to give up a free breakfast!!

A fabulous first day. A slowish start, complimentary breakfast from our apartment owner's then time to explore Argostoli. We walked 22,000 steps in 33 degree heat!! Crossed over the De Bossett Bridge, saw Loggerhead turtles swimming and feeding in the bay, walked to the furthest point and swam in the sea by the Saint Theodore Lighthouse. Have eaten the most delicious Greek cuisine and enjoyed every minute.

The sea front walkway

The De Bossett Bridge

 A stone bridge built in 1813, which zigzags across the bay and is the 
longest stone bridge over the sea in the world apparently.

We then watched the Loggerhead Turtles swimming in the bay, an absolute highlight for me. I loved seeing them pop up for air and swim around looking for food. They were huge, easily a meter long, much bigger than I imagined they would be. Truly a bucket list moment x

We walked back through the town, purchased a beach umbrella, 
went back to the apartment for lunch, then headed out to explore the other side of Argostoli.

Huge cruise liners moored up in the bay, I guess brought much needed daily visitors into the town. Anyway we decided to walk to the furthest tip of Argostoli, out past the great cruise ships.....

.......along the pine trees...... 

......stopping for a refreshing beer along the way and 
eyeing up a potential beach spot for tomorrow.

We headed to the furthest point, to the Saint Theodore Lighthouse...... 

......and found a spot to swim!

A lovely first evening, delicious food in a traditional Greek taverna by the sea. 


Day two and we were on the move, just to another apartment in Argostoli. We should have been going on to Fiskardo but our first night was double booked, so the host has put us up here for the night!! She's been very accommodating and apologetic and it is what it is!

Our new accommodation (for one night only) booked for us by our next host, due to our first night being double booked, is super posh! Jeff and I would never have chosen it, as it would've been out of my search price bracket. It's lovely though, very spacious, and really well accessorised but lacking in views and slightly away from everything. Not complaining, a very luxurious night, plus we get the use of a washing machine again!!

So day two, firstly a quick accommodation change, in a very posh spot for one night only! Lovely bakery breakfast, bit of turtle spotting, then off to the beach. Dip in the sea and it rained!! Stopped as quickly as it started and a beautiful afternoon, had the place to ourselves. Final evening in Argostoli, delicious meal, then the heavens opened again.

Whilst we waited for our accommodation to be cleaned, we headed out for breakfast...

The very busy popular Spathis Bakery. We were very lucky to grab a seat to enjoy the best doughnut!! Bought bakery bits for lunch before heading back over the road, to the back of the fisherman's area watch some more turtle action.

Loved them x

We spent the afternoon by the sea. We spotted a couple of potential places yesterday on our walk. 
We set up for the afternoon and a swim, then it 'rained'!!!!

 Big heavy spots but was over as quickly as it started and we had a lovely afternoon.

We went back to the fabulous restaurant by the sea for a coffee, 
before heading back to the apartment, a lovely, relaxed afternoon.

Spotted a sunflower on our way, always makes me smile x

Our last evening in Argostoli, we chose well. 
Delicious Greek cuisine......

.......followed by the most torrential downpour!!
It never rains but it pours!!!


Day three and we were on the move again, we got up early as it's a fair old walk 
to the bus station but then cheated when we saw a taxi. 

So we had time to enjoy a nice breakfast near the bus station 
at a spot looking across to the De Bossett Bridge.

So we were moving on to our next destination, which meant catching a bus...

...mask wearing seemed to be optional, certainly wan't being enforced.

And along the way we passed some stunning views.....

The famous Myrtos Beach.

Anyway two hours on and we arrived at our next spot.....
Will share more tomorrow x

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