Saturday 27 May 2023

Let the half term holidays begin....

I'm now counting down the weeks until I finish work!! 
Worked Sunday and Monday, went in a spoke to my Manager on Tuesday, now she's back from her holiday. She was actually really lovely about it, completely understood. Didn't want to go into detail why but, what's done is done now.

The weather this week has been glorious, maybe that's a sign!!
I went over to Ham Wall on Wednesday morning for a couple of hours, sooooooo many dragonflies, literally 100's. I've never seen so many in one place. There was a barn owl, out hunting in the morning too, but sadly too far away to capture.

I love it there, so beautifully peaceful.

Thursday was, 'walk with Lynn day' and what a beautiful day to be out. 
Everywhere is looking so green

We walked nearly four miles and it was perfect walking weather.

The shade was most welcome.

On top of Walton Hill.

After our walk, I went to see my chiropractor, session number 12!
He's pleased with my progress, as am I and will now only have to see him fortnightly, unless things start going in the wrong direction.

Sam was supposed to be coming home after his exam on Thursday 
but he changed plans and is due back next weekend now. 

I must confess, I've done very little but enjoyed this glorious sunshine, relaxing out in the garden. I have to work all day tomorrow, my last Sainsbury's Sunday!! so made the most of it today.

Jeff broke up midday.
This picture sums up the end of term perfectly.
No white shirts for him next week.

I kept having a little visitor join me today, in random parts of the garden. 
Think it's a baby blackbird, whatever it was, it was very noisy!

I picked my first rhubarb of the year. 
Sophie and Sam bought me some rhubarb plants for Mother's Day one year, and finally, a good crop. It's taken a few years to really get established.

My view for most of the day!!

I LOVE this weather. 
I don't think you really realise how the weather can affect your mood until 
the weather changes and the sunshine comes out.

I've been making the most of my work discount whilst I still have it and bought 40+ geraniums, ready for Jeff to plant out next week. We have no major plans for half term, except a day trip to London. The rest of the week I've work, Jeff has a tiny bit of tutoring, we've both got hygienist appointments but we're mainly hoping to catch up on lots of garden jobs. It was too cold and wet previously to get out and really make a dent in it all, so that's the plan.

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