Sunday 31 March 2024

A birthday, Easter....... day of warm sunshine!!!
(worth celebrating!!)

Today is Easter Sunday! 
It's early this year, it is still March (just!!) but it's cold and it's grey and even though the clocks went forward this morning, it still feels like winter!! Yesterday was the first day this year, that there was proper warmth in the sunshine and you could sit outside. Although, every time a big cloud went over, you had to go inside but it's the first day this year, I had a coffee outside.

Anyway let's go back to last weekend and my 'corner of the kitchen' re-jig!
My old desk had had it's day! The joints kept coming out and had to be hammered back in. The drawers kept sticking and I was running out of space. It just wasn't working for me anymore.

So it's gone outside for the time being.....well, until it rots and falls apart!
Saves a tip run and actually, it doesn't look too bad!

Poor Jeff then spent his Sunday off, putting together Ikea furniture.

Good job he loves me! As we hit a few snags.....

....but it's in!

And it's much bigger!

I had a good clear out and changed things around a bit and am so happy with how it's all turned out! I've also had a good sort out of my wardrobe and Jeff has built a couple of small cupboards for the small box room, which I've still to organise. I'm getting there, in my quest to tidy and de-clutter! The charity shop loves me!!

I went to Yeovil on Wednesday, before collecting Sam from Castle Cary train station.
It was looking very colourful with this tree full of ribbons and.....

...all the spring flowers outside of the church.
Must have cost a fortune in bulbs!

And then on Thursday (Maundy Thursday) it was Jeff's birthday and the end of term!

It was lovely that both Sophie and Sam were home to celebrate it together.

55 years 'young'!

Of course I made birthday brownies!!
With an Easter twist!

Friday, Good Friday, or as I like to think....
....Hot Cross Bun day!!!

Sophie and Jeff went over to Cheddar in the morning to collect this....... a replacement car for the 'Red Shed', that went to the scrap yard a few weeks ago. The plan is, that this will become Sam's car in the summer! We need him to take us to and collect us from the airport in July and had agreed (bribed him) to insure him on the car for the time we're away. The plan now, is that he'll then keep this car up in Cardiff. Tax and insure it himself and basically it'll be his. It only cost £800 and we never did go to Prague for his 18th birthday, due to cancelled Covid plans, so this sort of makes up for it. Better late than never! He's happy!!

We went to Bristol in the evening. We met up with Sam's friend Smithy, for food. The boys then went their separate ways, with Sam staying the night in Bristol and......

.....then Sophie and I finally got to see ' Everybody's Talking About Jamie'.
We originally had tickets, way back in Covid, so it's felt a long time coming. I'm not going to lie, it's not the best show we've seen. There was a lot of dialogue and I really struggled to hear some of it. Old age? Poor sound quality? Either way, it's a good job I'd seen the film and knew the story! But we only paid £11 for the tickets, so can't complain and don't get me wrong, it was good, and Ivan who played Jamie was amazing, as was Kevin Clifton and the mum..... just not the best we've seen. We're there again on Tuesday...I really should try and get a job there!!

So Saturday (yesterday) felt glorious, with a big dollop of warm sunshine. Sophie went out for lunch with a friend. Jeff pottered in the garden and I sat and soaked up as much vit D as I could!!

And now today is Easter Sunday! 
The clocks have gone forward, tomorrow is the 1st of April but....
.... it still feels like winter. 

We've no plans! 

I'm sure Sam will spend the day either in bed or eating chocolate. I, no doubt, will spend my day cooking!! Sam goes back to Cardiff tomorrow, with Sophie heading back on Wednesday evening. It's been lovely having them home. I think this has been the longest time that I've not seen Sam, as he went back to Cardiff just before New Year and only home now! He's like me when I was at Uni. He now has a job up in Cardiff and he always off seeing friends. Even when he is home, he's here, there and everywhere xx Oh to be young again!! I must try and get up to Cardiff to see them both, even if it's just for the day. 

We've still 3 weeks off now. Jeff and I are off to Italy in the next week or so, hopefully to find some sunshine!! Although the forecast is mixed, it'll definitely be warmer and by the time we get back, we'll be further through April, heading towards summer!

Have a lovely Easter, whatever your plans xx

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