Sunday 3 March 2024

It's a Leap Year!!

Thursday was the 29th of February, making this a Leap Year!!! 

So Friday was the 1st of March, (pinch and a punch.....)
and the first day of meteorological Spring …..

.....and St David's Day!

With my two living in Wales, I feel I should mention it!!

It's not really felt like Spring, until today (Sunday)
On Tuesday I walked with Lynn. We walked over in her neck of the woods, as her village is quiet and we could walk the majority of it on the roads. Everywhere is sooooo wet and muddy.

It was good to get out and we managed to stay dry!

The neighbours Magnolia is ready to bloom. 
This is when you hope it doesn't get windy out!

Our little Magnolia is looking good too!

The rest of the week has been all about work.
We got our exam invigilation timetables emailed over and Jeff very kindly printed me off a copy. There is so much information on there and it's so hard to read off your phone! If you hadn't realised by now, I like to be organised! HA!

And I completed week two in the Gallery!

Even got a mention on the staff 'Shout Out' Board.
It's always nice to be recognised as doing a good job!

And I'm enjoying it.
 Had a real mix of people come and look around and a few of the Artists have popped in. Had a group of Quakers visit and had to give a little talk and then yesterday was Open Day, so super busy! And the Art Department staff have been really friendly and welcoming. 

And then today, (Sunday) my day off, it was a wonderful frosty, blue sky, sunshine filled day. It felt fabulous to have the day off! I had to pop into Sainsbury's as I had to do a food shop. Was lovely to see my old Sunday team but I was so happy to shop and go! I think because Jeff has the day off too, it feels like a bonus day! I don't mind working the Saturday, as Jeff works it too and I actually only have to work 10-15 Saturdays a year, so it's not a big deal, when I do! I dropped off a few leaflets for the Gallery at various places this morning, that I'd contacted in the week and then walked down into town in the afternoon, to pick up a couple of orders. A pair of sandals and a summer dress!

I'm getting organised. It might still be 17 weeks until we go to Greece but after Easter, I've eight busy weeks of exams, so if I see something I need, I'm getting it whilst I can! And it's only 5 weeks until we go to Italy, so I need to think that we may get some sunshine then too! And my sandals were £70 down to £30, so was a bargain! 

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