Friday, 16 March 2012

Mid March (already)

We're half way through March already - how did that happen? After a hopeful start to Spring a couple of weeks ago, we seem to have been stuck under a blanket of cold, damp cloud and thick fog for the past week, whilst the rest of the country has felt the warmth of the sun - it doesn't seem fair!

I took this photo of the daffodils whilst on my daily walk around the park - just to cheer me up!

I am being very motivated at the moment with my 'move more, eat less' campaign - note not a 'diet'! I have done my walks around the park every day now for 3 weeks and have lost half a stone in the process so am already feeling the benefits. It is for me, at the moment, a state of mind - I'm setting myself small, achievable targets and so far, so good. This is also partly working because this year I have tried to plan in a little more 'me' time.

I am still so very, very, busy on the work front but we have decided this year to only do one trade show, so the pressure is off to launch 2 new product ranges per year. Instead I am working on my product range for 2013 now. I can really take my time, consider options and work through the process etc with out a deadline looming. I had a meeting with my printers today and I am so very excited about what is ahead. I just hope I can earn enough money to do everything I want to do!

The trouble is working so far ahead, is that I'm desperate to share with you what's going on but have to keep it quiet for now - sorry!

I can tell you that I may be moving dots and spots..........again, to slightly bigger premises!

'NO!' I hear my poor husband cry.

The reality is however that I need more space and a space has been converted in the same building I am already in, that would give me that extra space. I still have to cost it all but am excited if it is do-able. The only trouble is there are stairs involved and a LOT of stuff to move this time around. But I must look on the positive - lots of 'moving' will help my personal fitness drive too!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and if you are a Mummy, get totally spoilt. I have the task of taking my daughter and friends shopping on Saturday but I hope to sneak off in the afternoon to Spring at the Barn over in Mells, Somerset organised by the lovely Rebecca AKA Edamay. Pop over if you are in the area.


Unknown said...

Wow another move! Exciting times as your business just keeps growing :)

I too live by the move more eat less plan, works quite well.

Have a fab weekend

hello gorgeous said...

Shut the front door!!!! Wohoo! Exciting times ahead sweetie... can't wait for more updates ;o)

Glad to see your exercise regime is turning into positive results, way to go gorgeous!

Have a great weekend, hope you get spoilt rotten :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

VA Boutique said...

Ooohh another move, how exciting.
Sounds like there are exciting times ahead for Dots & Spots!

Jenny at Red House said...

Hi well done on losing weight and expanding your business! I have been trying to go to the gym even if its for 15 mins and this week I've noticed it's paying off, hallelujah! jennyx

Nic said...

Well done on the eating less, doing more. It definitely helps not calling it a diet in my head too ;)
And exciting times with the move. Well done fitting in the 'me' time too, I hope you have a great weekend said...

Losing half a stone, moving (again!). You're on a roll. Can't wait to hear, when you can share, all your exciting news and glad you're factoring in some 'you' time.

Unknown said...

For a minute there Becky I thought that was a photo of where you are actually moving too! gulp.
Very impressed with your stick-at- it attitude with excersise and just eating less. I really agree that's the way to do it - diets are just about deprivation and misery if you ask me. Must get out for a jog today on way back from posting an order, then have day to fill entertaining the children on my own which happens rarely! Tony is off on a weekend job :)x

Fleur Cotton said...

Well done Becky on your weight loss, hope you are enjoying your new routine, and the little extra 'me' time is very important to recharge your batteries. So often we whizz round and forget this important time, even if it's just 15 minutes....

Good to hear you are expanding again, it's nice to hear in this gloomy recession that people are succeeding!

Good for you!
Fleur xx