Saturday 22 September 2012


Back at the very end of August I took delivery of 2 big boxes of gorgeous ribbon. Well they have been sat on the shelves, all organised but haven't got much further.......

 .....until today. 
Today I earmarked some time to photograph my lovely ribbon. I knew I needed a good amount of concentrated time and as I thought, 6 hours later I was finished.

 So we have photo's of all the ribbon ready for the ribbon section on the website.

We have ribbon photographed for the individual categories - in a basket,

 on a tube,

 in a pile and 

 then individually!

 I tied all the different ribbons on to these parcel tubes - I think they look fab! Here are the backs


 and here are the fronts - so very colourful.

I bought this old wooden cube unit at the last flea market and it is proving invaluable for staging when taking photo's and I hope will be perfect for a couple of Christmas Fairs I am doing and my next trade show too.

There are plenty of dots and spots of course but also stripes, gingham, stitched and plain satin in red, blue, pink and green.

I think you'll agree they all look bright and cheerful and I now hand it all over to my clever Hubby to load it all onto the website. I will of course keep you posted when it's all up and ready!


Emma Herian said...

One word.... "YUMMY!"

dots and spots said...

They are gorgeous aren't they? So very bright, cheery and colourful

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful!