Saturday, 15 September 2012

NEW superb website

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our brand new, 'superb' website - created by no other than my wonderfully talented husband.

To celebrate such a special occasion, we are offering a 25% discount on all orders placed between now and midnight on Tuesday. Just type
  into the voucher box at the checkout, to make use of this fabulous deal.

If you could help us, we'd be very grateful. If whilst browsing the new site, you see a typo or something that doesn't make sense, then please let us know via the contact page - remember to add your address, as we would like to say thank you with a little free gift.

I hope you like it as much as I do - I'd love to know what you think. 


All things nice... said...


The new website looks great, so well laid out. Good on your husband, it's lovely

All things nice...

curlyjude said...

Very easy to use I had no problem placing an order.. just choosing which lovely things to put in my basket! I shall definitely be back and will be spreading the word amongst my crafty friends!.. beautiful and a pleasure to use..

Katie Levett-Allen said...

I love the new website Becki, Jeff is a very clever man indeed!! Love the gallery pic, with the smaller images underneath, a lovely touch!
I do hope you're well? Katie x

Unknown said...

Love the new website, just placing my very first order of some bits for presents for people for xmas and maybe a few treats for me!

Just thought i'd mention there maybe an error with photos missing or something because when looking at the page theres big gaps under the subcategories, example here on the xmas page : so it takes a while to scrole down to get to see all the fab selection of items.

Keep up the beautiful work! :-)

Unknown said...

Very nice, thanks for the information.
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dots and spots said...

Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments - he is clever. I had a look at the Christmas page Kerri-Ann but it reads correctly on all our screens - maybe it's how different computers sometimes load but he will look at it to see if there is a coding problem. Thank you - keep a look out for 50% Friday too

Jeff said...

@Kerri-Ann Lloyd

Thanks for that - I think what you were observing was a bug due to using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). The problem wasn't there on Firefox, Chrome or other editions of IE, but I have been able to replicate it today on IE9.

Anyway - the good news is is that it should be fixed and should now work in IE9 as well as all the other browsers.

Thanks again for bringing this problem to our attention